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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - RUMOR - Nintendo of Canada employee implies that Rayman is a playable character in Smash Bros. Update: Nintendo issues a statement

Loved Rayman. Love the Smash Bros genre but have never owned a smash bros game. TBH, including Rayman might entice people like me into buying. Throw Abe from Abes odysee/ New N Tasty in there and it's sold.


I've owned a game cube, wii, wii U, ps3, ps2, ps1 and PC of course. In order for a multipkayer game to appeal to me, it has to allow for the posibility that my wife and family will like it to. This is a necesitty as I need to actually get time  to play the game. If I'm going to play alone, I'm not going to spend my time on a multiplayer game. MK8 was great for me and my wife and non gamer friends.So was Rayman Legends and now she loves Rayman.

For some reason Rayman would intice me into the Smash Bros arena. It's something new that makes  me feel welcome to an otherwise closed circuit. It is what it is..

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PattonFiend said:

F*** Rayman. F*** Ubisoft for delaying Rayman and then lying about it's exclusivity. F*** Ubisoft for releasing broken Wii U games with no continued support after release. F*** Ubisoft for giving Nintendo no DLC packs. F*** Ubisoft for delaying Watch Dogs. F*** Ubisoft for having broken online that does not work on Nintendo's consoles yet they charge the same price as the others. F*** Ubisoft for using Aisha Tyler in their demonstrations. F*** Ubisoft for (insert comment here)...

Come on.. You are too harsh with poor Rayman.. :-/

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My guess is that an employee who is not incredibly knowledgeable had seen the trophy and thought Rayman had been announced as playable. I wouldn't read too much into it.

As for Rayman... I don't think he's big enough to warrant inclusion. Compared to characters like Mega Man, Sonic, and Pacman, he just seems second rate. Third party spots should be reserved for the huge stars and Rayman really isn't on that level.

Of course, if he did wind up with him, I wouldn't be too broken up about it.

tbone51 said:


But Geno in, Rayman fits for SSB but doesn't deserve the spot.

Why? Rayman is a great character and will be a great addition to the roster, if this rumor is true.

mizorefan said:
tbone51 said:


But Geno in, Rayman fits for SSB but doesn't deserve the spot.

Why? Rayman is a great character and will be a great addition to the roster, if this rumor is true.

I dont want people to mistake my post so i'll explain :)

Does Rayman fit well with the SSB Cast? Yes

Is it possible at all for him to be in the game? Yes

Would I mind if he was actually in the game? No, Snake was in the game and i had no problem with that (meaning if he's in, i wont argue).

Does he deserve to be in SSB? No. This is where my argument stands at. Why should Rayman get in over all these missing first parties? Also Rayman isnt in the same boat as Sonic/Megaman/Pacman. Yes Rayman is on Ninty Platforms but overall has no real history with Nintendo.

SRRY but i rather see other third party characters in before him, and even them i dont want in. I mean We didnt get Saki (from Sin+Punishment), Starfy, etc in. (all 1st party characters that represent their own franchises). No way Rayman deserves more than them!

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Well, it would make sense, because then they'd have Mario, Sonic, Mega Man, Pacman and Rayman. That's kind of most of the biggest old-school mascots out there, and he'd fit in with the rest of the cast pretty well (unlike that dreadful Snake in Brawl).

Then again, considering Ubisoft's support (or lack thereof) of Nintendo's platforms, especially the whole Rayman Legends debacle... it wouldn't make sense. Nintendo don't have to do it to suck up to Ubisoft for games, 'cos see how that worked out for Metal Gear games on Nintendo systems by including Snake in Brawl. Even with Wii's 100m+ install base, they got nothing.

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Who is Rayman?

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Moonhero said:
Who is Rayman?

Played by Dustin Hoffman. Also starring Tom Cruise.

Come on, it'd be cool. Rayman would be the first non japanese character, he is essentially the corporate mascot of Ubisoft, his games are all pretty much universally considered good, and ubisoft is one of the few thirs parties that still supports nintendo.

If rayman was in smash would have the mascots of Nintendo, sega, capcom, namco, and Ubisoft. Thats petty cool even if you dont like his games or ubisoft.

Also, im pretty sure every rayman game (except 3:hoodlum havoc has been on a nintendo system.

Hes unique, hes iconic, and he has a strong history with nintendo. Let the limbless legend fight!

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Meh. Would rather have kept Solid Snake.