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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Kart 8 sells 1.2 million over first weekend

I didn't expect it to break 1m during launch week. I thought the general apathy towards the Wii U would make it fall short, so maybe Pavolink was right in saying that Super Mario 3D World was a bad game. But if Pavolink was right for once, then it is...

...not looking good.

EDIT: I would like to know what the asterisks behind the numbers refer to. I hate it when websites omit such things in their news.

EDIT2: OP updated. Thanks.

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That's quadruple what I predicted! Holy crap!

Let's hope the drop isn't too big.

Now I really want to see the HW boost.

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drake_tolu said:
Give me a Link?

thats pretty awesome for nintendo.

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Well deserved.

celador said:
drake_tolu said:
Give me a Link?


I predicted only 1 million first week!

For people like me that want to know what the stars say:

*Based on Nintendo’s internal sales figures.

**Mario Kart 8 launched on Thursday, 29th May in Japan and Friday, 30th May across Europe and The Americas.

Great numbers, indeed. Hope the HW numbers are as impressive.

Amazing numbers and well deserved too!

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