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Are we being abused?

Yes. 37 66.07%
No, but my opinion doesn't matter. 19 33.93%
Salnax said:
I'm not sure if "abuse" is the right word, but this site has in many ways gotten worse over the past few years. Not the community; I love it as much as ever. But the website's tools have generally become fewer, and the "Pro" thing is seemingly long forgotten.

And is it just me, or has the database not updated despite a new week's data being available for over a week now? I want to do threads about sales using VGChartz data, but I can't because the darn database isn't updated!

On a random note, as a pre-2010 member, I find this funny coming from somebody who joined late 2011. No offense Ninpie.

Why would I take offense to this? I witnessed the decline even though I joined in 2011. 2012 is when things really got bad. Do you remember the whole thing with them seperating the sites and also removing our DB? Yeah, I was here for that!

@Peh-Zeus; you would think so. Isn't this what he used to do anyway?

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VGChartz was awesome back in the day since it had everything in one place: sales, news with a biased/flamebait touch (gamrfeed), reviews, the database, active admins, and no annoying ads. Now, the majority of that stuff is gone, and VGC doesn't have much to set itself apart from the other sites aside from sales (which is more limited than before).

There's only two things I would love to see in VGC (but won't happen):

1. Mobile site

2. Eliminate all the subforums,and just have general, gaming, sales and website forum. Every subforum has their own official threads, so what's the point of those forums?

We are all masochist.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ NEW LAYOUT or RIOT ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

Well I'm fine, since I never experienced Game DB and that stuff.

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I don't like those video ads that sometime runs on the forums. I understand why ads are necessary that is why I don't use adblock, I don't mind them as long as they are not intrusive and video ads are intrusive.

My complaint is that soemtimes the site takes ages to load and don't like how users can get banned for the slightest thing to apoint that its emabrassing. At times when i see that happens,, it feels liek i am going back to highschool lol. Apart from that the site is awesome

iceland said:
The badge system is annoying, either fix it or get rid of it all together.

Badges? What are those? :p


In accordance to the VGC forum rules, §8.5, I hereby exercise my right to demand to be left alone regarding the subject of the effects of the pandemic on video game sales (i.e., "COVID bump").

My biggest gripe is the games DB.

Fusioncode said:
DolPhanTendo said:
Carl2291 said:
We arent being abused, we are just being ignored. Database has moved to Gamewise, which apparently makes more money than VGC. Forums dont have enough dedicated users to warrant a snazzy new update. Bugs wont be ironed out, because again, not enough dedicated users to warrant an update.

We don't get enough dedicated users because we have moderators who do not give put warnings before bans. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. When new users like myself do not have the time to read all the rules you don't ban them without a warning first. It's huge power trip if you ask me. Second complaint where is a mobile interface? I hate using my phone to comment. But why change when you have ads coming in regardless reason why i prefer pay sites.

I got two warnings before my first ban. You must have said something pretty bad to start with off a ban. If I remember correctly you were calling someone a fanboy. 

its that easy o_<

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