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Forums - Website Topics - Fellow VGC Members, We Are Being Abused

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Are we being abused?

Yes. 37 66.07%
No, but my opinion doesn't matter. 19 33.93%

The worst thing are the adverts that redirect you to the appstore if you visit from an ios device, this is beyond the pale.

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I'm pretty new here, but I've noticed a lot of things that just don't seem to work anymore. I wondered about the game database, something seemed fishy there. Also, at the risk of sounding like the noob that I am, I see all these people with badges, and I've filled the requirements for them, but I don't get them. What's up with that? And when I click "Home" at the top of the page, it takes me to some weird page that isn't the home page with news articles from 2012, and hardware and software charts from 2011. WTF is this shit? It's like the site is slowly decaying from within because shit isn't getting fixed.

Shadow1980 said:
iceland said:
The badge system is annoying, either fix it or get rid of it all together.

Badges? What are those? :p

A badge is something you get  when ioi accidentally presses the "badge" button once a year.

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ps3-sales! said:
I was raped by VGC.


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NintendoPie said:

1. We had our precious Game DB taken away from us. This was the first domino in the long line of 'em. Taking away the DB automatically made the sales part of this site not as nice as it was. Also, the DB Admins were out of their job. A cruel thing, I must say.



DB admins were given jobs at Gamewise. However, most of us didn't like the new, over-complicated and not practical DB of gamewise. Also, I'm stuck with that purple tag on my avatar like a stigma of slavery, no one ever bothered to remove it.

One feature that I miss is the game collection in the profile, it is completely broken now,


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sadly agree, lots of good features were gone over the years, no improvements are ever being made, an app was in develop like 4 years ago and never came out, forums are mega slow and there are rarely any new posts. sometimes I feel like that the site has been abandoned completely.


They want you to go to Gamewise, or whatever it is called. I miss the old vgc, we signed up on this site to see the data, and then it is taken away, the few data left is updated so slow.

What... there are other sites besides this one?

d21lewis said:
ps3-sales! said:
I was raped by VGC.


I'm glad my pain amuses you.

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Carl2291 said:
DolPhanTendo said:

We don't get enough dedicated users because we have moderators who do not give put warnings before bans. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. When new users like myself do not have the time to read all the rules you don't ban them without a warning first. It's huge power trip if you ask me. Second complaint where is a mobile interface? I hate using my phone to comment. But why change when you have ads coming in regardless reason why i prefer pay sites.

Load of bullshit. If you have time to sign up and post on the forums, you have time to read the forum rules.

I lol'd at this, sorry mate, don't got time to read the 16 rules of this forum! I'm busy shit posting and being banned!


edit - it's literally 16 rules btw.... of which... all 16 of them are common sense.

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