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Forums - Website Topics - Fellow VGC Members, We Are Being Abused

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Are we being abused?

Yes. 37 66.07%
No, but my opinion doesn't matter. 19 33.93%

Adblock exist because of sites like this one.

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We need new management!

I was raped by VGC.

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Nintendopie is the hero we need! If there was some sort of Site Admin election I would like, totally vote for you.

"I've Underestimated the Horse Power from Mario Kart 8, I'll Never Doubt the WiiU's Engine Again"

Well the logo of this site has been flipping everyone off for years. It's a straight up middle finger.

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pokoko said:

I think of VGC more as competitive asynchronous multiplayer than as cooperative multiplayer.  You should understand.

-kitty cat-

Though I do miss being able to add new games.

That's one of the other side-affects of the DB being seperated from VGC. Now we have to do some sort of work around just to get our games into our collection, and they sometimes aren't titled right or don't even have a box art.

Sad, so sad.

Site seems pretty good to me, I like the current layout.

Oh and no adblock for me either.

I agree with you. This site was great a couple of years ago but the site has lost its spark. The reason I used to enter this website was to see the great forums and the fantastic threads (and of course the sales data) ,but nowadays I only enter to see the sales data and nothing more.

RolStoppable said:
ioi called pezus delusional, so all is forgiven.

Lol, and also made up arguments for me. Let's not even bring that shit up

OT: This should get locked by a seemingly unknown entity soon enough

I actually was really sad, about DB thing. Given that is also why I am no longer DB Admin, I sort of disappeared on the face of the earth.