Forums - Gaming Discussion - Irrational Games are "winding down"; all but 15 staff laid off [edit: Gamasutra - Bioshock Infinite didn't sell enough]

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This is infinitely terrible news!!! Like wtf?? Bioshock games were some of the best the industry had to offer, so sad about this!! God damn it!! :(


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Fucking wow 0_o such a shame, one of the few studios that I put only one level below Naughty Dog.

But Bioshock Vita is still happening, right?

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

Well this sucks since SWAT was one of my favourites as well as bioshock and system shock 2.

What an irrational way of handling the situation.

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Where the f**k is that Vita Bioshock!? :/ Borderlands 2 was probably the compromise.

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Bioshock Infinite was a huge disappointment, not only the game but more importantly, its sales. The game probably needed more than 5m copies to be profitable and only sold around 3m.

I think is a sad day for the industry, because despite i didn't love the Bioshock series, Kevin Levine games were original in its concepts.

I don't think anybody expetected this in 2014 when Bioshock Infinite was announced and then hyped through the roof in E3 2012 with that 15 min gameplay video that never become true in the game.

What the crap!!!!!! That freaking sucks!!!

Well, there goes one of my favorite studios....

Kresnik said:


I agree

Now to be serious.

This looks like it was done for the right reasons. While its extremely shit that so many people are gonna be jobless, at least when it actually shuts, at least it seems to be on good terms and some the developers at Irrational are apparently still getting opportunities within 2K.

I look forward to seeing what else this guy and his teams can come up with, because there is no doubt that BioShock is one of the better new IPs we have seen in Gen 7. Indie is the future.


I wonder why he didn't find a replacement and leave. Was it necessary to shut down the entire company?

I was pretty upset about this until I heard all the puns haha. Now I feel better haha.