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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bethesda: Wii U is "not on our radar". "It's largely a hardware thing."

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Most likely they got paid by EA to not support the wii U those bastards

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just here to stay on first page because I know this thread will be more than 500 posts =)







I'm not surprised

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not really. Considering how bad they are at optimization anyways. Having the lowest common denominator that far behind would cause difficulties.

They are being polite. But they actually said "Screw WiiU because we don't care".


Ps3 version of Skyrim is the prime example that the hardware doesn't prevent them from porting games.

Bethesda is trying to destroy Nintendo.

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Every word out of their mouths further is worth exactly nothing.

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I expect this thread to have a minimum of 100 posts. 

OT: not surprised

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Hardly surprising. Bethesda are incompetant, developing for ANOTHER platform would be a step too far.


Not supporting the Wii U is completely expected from Bethesda, and it 'gets even easier' with the system selling so poorly.

they did a crap job with the PS3 version of Skyrim so im not even sure what they mean by hardware issues, do they just not feel like trying to learn the WIi U?