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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bethesda: Wii U is "not on our radar". "It's largely a hardware thing."

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lol im past caring.

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pezus said:
MoHasanie said:
Well that's not surprising but Bethesda's games only work well on the platform they prefer. This generation it was the 360 and next gen it will probably be the PS4. They will just port their games to the WiiU which will mean the WiiU versions will most likely suck.

No, it has and probably always will be PC. If you're only talking about console platforms, you're right.

Oh right, completely forgot about PC :0 


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keep letting us know every six months bethesda. very thoughtful of you.

Did bethesda ever release anything for nintendo systems?

On a side note: Dont you guys get sick of these threads?! Cmon... doing this for half a year has got to get tireing.

Nem said:
On a side note: Dont you guys get sick of these threads?! Cmon... doing this for half a year has got to get tireing.

i'm pretty sure they were the kids that tied tin cans to a dog's tail and locked cats in mailboxes.

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RolStoppable said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
Dude...if people cannot understand this they are kind of retarded. Bethesda had issues with the PS3 and 360 when it came to Ram usage even when the game was dumbed down. Nintendo is terrible behind in the technology department to get supported the way they deserve to.

Just where would this site be without your insight?

it be in the same leagues as NPD and earning ioi millions now.



pezus said:
Is it really Bethesda to blame for not supporting Nintendo platforms? I don't know. When the general trend among developers is to create cheap ports for or otherwise ignore the platform I would say there is obviously something wrong at Nintendo's side. This isn't an exception. This is the rule

I agree. It's an unfortunate reality really, but not quite (entirely)Bethesda's fault...

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Next-gen is upon us folks!

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Scoobes said:
Carl2291 said:
Daisuke72 said:

Or maybe they don't want to compromise their vision by putting it on weak hardware and dumbing it down?

You mean, like how they did when they released games on the PS3 and 360?

When they made the engines for those games the PS3 and 360 were new and the most powerful consoles available. There's a reason (actually, probably 2 reasons) why Morrowind never made it to PS2 even though it had the largest user base.

OT: Completely expected. If they release the same games (from PC/PS4/X1) on PS3/360 but not WiiU then there's obviously a non-hardware issue, but I see no reason not to believe them until someone proves otherwise.

Edit- Just realised the games in the OP are also coming to PS3/360, so this isn't solely a hardware issue.

LIke the next wolfenstein games?



Which game has Betsheda done recently.i just dont know who they are really

Bethesda are among the worst programmers in the gaming industry. I really have no idea how they get away with their bug-filled, unpolished games.

Knowing that, we know they type of performance and results they get from the most powerful platform around, the PC. It's quite obvious they're a bit too dumb to do something good on a less powerful platform.

But then again, we all know this is unrelated to hardware, like most third parties.