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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - ZombiU is the 3rd biggest title on the WiiU

We have yet to see data yet on what everything has sold but in the MiiVerse you can see how many people are in each community which gives us a good estimation and it goes like this

1. Nintendo Land-30,252

2. New Super Mario Bros U-26,405

3. ZombiU-12,089

4. Black Ops II-6,467

5. Assassin's Creed III- 3,555

6. Scribblenauts-3,322

7. Sonic & All Stars racing- 3,038

8. Batman: Arkham City- 2,619

9. Ninja Gaiden 3- 2,046

10. Epic Mickey 2- 1,115

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Kinda disappointed SEGA racing is not higher. I thought out of the non Nintendo IP this game would be like second nature

Xxain said:
Kinda disappointed SEGA racing is not higher. I thought out of the non Nintendo IP this game would be like second nature

Sonic has lost a lot of it's fanbase through out the years unfortunately.

yep. It grows quickly too. Every day it seems to gain a lot.

BTW, this is only people talking actively in miiverse at the time. There are quite a bit more people than that playing or owning the game at the same time.

Plus, I bet it counts if the game is built into miiverse. Something NL and NSMBU are where as I don't think any other game really is at this point and time.

I'm surprised Tekken isn't there considering it has all that Nintendo stuff in it.

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Wow, quite shocked at how low Batman is.

Also, I thought NSMBU would be the most popular had the most pre-orders (according to the chartz)

Can't wait to see some sales number. I really hope ZombiU (along side all 3rd party ports) get good sales. 

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What is the miiverse thing based on?,the amount of people connected,people using it,comments I dont get it and it differs from game to game on activity levels.A game like Monster Hunter would have a large amount of activity due to it's nature but that doesn't translae to sales.Either way I do hope zombiU is a success

Only 30,000 for Nintendoland? Kind of lame. That would mean that only around 30,000 consoles were picked up for immediate play. There has to be a ton being saved for gifts.

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Sonic has always had a very strong presence on Nintendo consoles. On average his games has sold at least a million copies on Wii. Sonic Rush series on DS combimed has over 4mill copies sold. His performance was also great on GC and GBA( Sonic Advance series sits well over 5mill). The highest selling non crossover sonic game is still sonic 2 at 6mill. Heroes sold almost 5mill with unleased this gen selling about 4.5mill. Generations would have sold similarly if it had been released on Wii. Sonic has mantained a consistent level of popularity. Sonic has not lost any popularity just segas inability to reach max potential because of sonic titles not consistently appearing on every console has made it seem that way.