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I've been happy with my current handhelds (GBC/GBA SP) until now. I lost the charger for my GBA SP and my GBC deletes my save files whenever I turn it on. I've been looking into both of the handhelds (DS and PSP), but have held off getting either because I didn't know which one to get. Any suggestions?

BTW, I am into games on both systems so that isn't an issue, but price is. I just can't afford both of them right now. That and I can't decide which games are better >_<

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well if you want it mostly for games then DS is the winner,it has so many awesome games while psp has a few but is good if you also want a multimedia device

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PSP easily, I hate my ds.



Since you had a GBA, I assume you still have some GBA games? If so, I recommend DS Lite, which will allow you to play GBA games you get and probably have more franchise you want. I would recommend PSP if you are interested in homebrew, or media functionality for your handheld. Since you like games on both handhelds, I won't mention it beyond that. Also, DS Lite is cheaper, but I would recommend trying for a special deal when one becomes available (same for PSP, if you decide to go with that) There were quite some cheap DS Lites near christmas at the end of last year.

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DS... it's an easy decision.

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Those that say DS do not own a psp, I own a psp and a ds the ds is not worth $100 bucks.



DS by far

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66 million versus 30 million speaks for itself really. I would say DS because like Wii, it offers a unique interface which affords new gaming possibilities and experiences. It caters for a broad demographic with its more diverse range of titles for those with either hardcore or casual persuasions.

The DS appeals to me in particular because I am more interested in its gameplay functions rather than the added multimedia capabilities of the PSP, which I regard as peripheral. If such functionality is important to you however, then I guess the PSP will always be superior in that regard.

leo-j said:
Those that say DS do not own a psp, I own a psp and a ds the ds is not worth $100 bucks.

Wow.  What a ridiculous statement.  And you wonder why people are quick to attack you?  I guarantee you there are people who could say the exact opposite.  Just because you don't enjoy your DS doesn't mean it sucks.  It means the kind of games or multimedia capabilites you are looking for are better suited for the PSP.  That isn't the same with everybody.  As the saying goes different strokes for different folks.