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Predictions for 2009: (Right) (Wrong) (Partial)

Pokemon Gold/Silver DS Japan in September

NES colored Wii and SNES Classic Controler for Christmas

Super Role Bros for Christmas

FF Remakes announced; VII PS3 VIII 360 IX Wii

New Super Mario World November 2009

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DS......I havent touched my PSP in more than a year, though it does have good games. DS is probably best for you now cause it has BC with GBA games. PSP may be good for you if you want a all in one multimedia device, but if you want games Id go for DS.

Getting an XBOX One for me is like being in a bad relationship but staying together because we have kids. XBone we have 20000+ achievement points, 2+ years of XBL Gold and 20000+ MS points. I think its best we stay together if only for the MS points.

Nintendo Treehouse is what happens when a publisher is confident and proud of its games and doesn't need to show CGI lies for five minutes.

-Jim Sterling

insomniac17 said:
fkusumot said:

Both are good. Get both.

I'd love to, but I am suffering from a lack of $$ at the moment.

 That is sad. It's like a having to choose between bread and water. You'll die quicker without water so get a DS. You'll still die eventually without bread (which you also lack at the moment), so save up and get a PSP as soon as possible. The DS is the best handheld and the PSP is an awesome multi-media device (w/some great games). I highly recommend both.

ctk495 said:
DS, I own both systems and i have alot of ds games but only 1 psp game.

 That would be the problem.

The DS for sure. Tons of games out for it, its cheaper, the games are cheaper, and its a whole lot of fun to play. Plus more people have one so you'll have more people to play with.

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X-Man said:
madskillz said:
You have GBA games - and you can play them on a DS. The DS is much, much better than the PSP. I had two PSPs and wondered why in the world did I even buy them?!

Games are the reason - plus the ability to play GBA games - means you don't have to buy new games immediately.

@ Leo-J
As much as I find your comments amusing, you are trolling.

You can just use an emulator on the PSP and play every GBA/GBC/SNES game for free.

True, but is that legal? 'Nuff said ... thanks for playing! 

I would say DS. I have a PSP and just recently got a DS. I happen to think the DS much better for playing games but then again I am speaking from just a few weeks experience.

Proud member of the Sonic Support Squad

ROFL at you falling for leo-j's quick comments. He knows he can't win an argument with you guys, so he covers it up saying "lolz i wuz just j0keng im 0nly trIANG to INCREZE mah pozt c0unt lawlz!!1" when he called the DS a piece of crap many times before.


If you want games - DS
" " a multimedia device - PSP

Seems like the system to get is the DS. Thanks for all your feedback!

DS   FTW!!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!