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madskillz said:
X-Man said:
madskillz said:
You have GBA games - and you can play them on a DS. The DS is much, much better than the PSP. I had two PSPs and wondered why in the world did I even buy them?!

Games are the reason - plus the ability to play GBA games - means you don't have to buy new games immediately.

@ Leo-J
As much as I find your comments amusing, you are trolling.

You can just use an emulator on the PSP and play every GBA/GBC/SNES game for free.

True, but is that legal? 'Nuff said ... thanks for playing! 

Is it legal to watch porn if you're underage? Nobody cares.

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Just beware: If you're getting a DS, they're sold out EVERYWHERE. I looked around at no less than 5 stores today, ranging from a mall Gamestop to Best Buy to Target, and ALL were sold out. (Well okay, the Gamestop had a couple of pink DS's in. But like hell I'm going to play a pink DS in public...)

I'll probably just end up ordering the damn thing from Amazon.

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I chose DS because i got it for $30 instead of $50 for psp. My friend was selling them


Don't forget that you connect your PSP to your PS3, you should check out all the things you can do with that.

Since you have PS3, getting PSP now. Sony will release more PS games that can be played on both PS3 and PSP (although they don't look great on HDTV). You can also take advantages of the new blu-ray 2.0 functionality.

I have both PSP and DS and I like them both. Get a DS later when you have extra cash.

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Both are awesome and the psp Is going to get better with the realase of GoW:CoO, FF7:CC, Wipeout Pulse, Secret Agent Clank, Patapon + more to come bot both systems are still awesome

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PS3 may reach 5 mln. in Japan by the end of 2009 with average weekly sales 50k.
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leo-j said:
PSP easily, I hate my ds.

do yo even have a DS

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CrazzyMan said:
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Great post CrazzyMan.  Finally someone providing him with information instead of opinion.  

That said, my opinion is that they are both great, and it really depends on which genres you prefer.  I own both, and like both, but play my DS more because my favorite genres are RPGs, Platformers, and Action-Adventure games.   

Get a DS, I played my friends PSP during study period for exams and it is really fun as well, but DS has a larger library of great games.

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