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New Super Mario Bros. - Mario Kart DS - Phantom Hourglass

nuff said lol.

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If it's for the games, it's DS by far. If it's for multimedia, it's the PSP.

since you seem to have an interest in games for both systems, then arguing on the basis of games is probably a waste of time. Make sure you have a large list of games you are interested in.

The question then becomes, is the extra multimedia functionality of the PSP worth the higher price of admission? Not to mention, lower battery life. Remember the games are also expensive.

If you are interested in the multimedia capabilities, then it might be worth psending the extra money to get a PSP, otherwise, get a DS.

Help! I'm stuck in a forum signature!

insomniac17 said:
halil23 said:
Well insomniac17 you are an Insomniac fan right? There's Ratchet & Clank : Size Matters (I know it coming to PS2 too, but it would be cool to have it on portable, something different you know) And Secret Agent Clank coming soon to PSP, also you can play the classic Spyro series on PSP too. I'm just helping you out on what to choose from your gaming taste perspective . I too getting PSP & DS, but PSP will be first.

=O dude I haven't played Spyro in so long... man that, Size Matters, and Secret Agent Clank, just sealed it, I think. I'm gonna have to borrow my friends PSP now, I think he has Size Matters and is gonna get the new one when it is released. I might need to change my name to insomniac_impact17 if they're as good as the cosole ones.


Wow halil, you sure know how to sell a product

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