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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - RT + Guide to Flowmotion with Jessica Chobot

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lilbroex said:
That is surprising to see from IGN.

skyward sword got a perfect 10 from ign

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For portables we all know an 85 is like 100.

That's why their Zelda OoT's 9.5 score is actually a 110. A little low by my taste, but fair

best handheld entry to date? that's a big statement as BBS was utterly fantastic!!

already pre-ordered the collector edition!!! WOOT!!

lestatdark said:
The best portable experience in the series? That's actually a high compliment, since BBS was already pretty good (it was better than KH2 to me).

I thoroughly loved the demo, so I'm eagerly awaiting the release .

its the best in the series to me, well because of its characters mostly, I dislike Sora.

AndrewWK said:
Walkthrublazer3 said:
lilbroex said:
That is surprising to see from IGN.

Not really, Audrey is  a big Nintendo fan and she usually gives good scores to games on Nintendo consoles.

You know the names of the reviewers?

I know who Richard George and Audrey Drake are due to them being dou who review Nintendo games. I actually find their reviews quite good and informative.

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Getting this game day one!

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Cool, gotta get a 3DS soon!

If this is better than BBS then that's just incredible!!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

Never played a Kingdom Hearts game, I'm planning to get this one, I kinda know what they are about but what can I expect? I downloaded the demo and it didn't really said much to me....

Audrey needs to learn to be more critical, but its good to see this is on par with 1,2 and BBS.

lilbroex said:
That is surprising to see from IGN.

Not really sure how this is surprising? I was going to guess much lower consider how much lower they reviewed KH2, but honestly, have they 'snuffed' any other big 3DS games?

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