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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review

A fitting celebration of the franchise’s 10th anniversary, and possibly the best portable entry to date.


Closing Comments

Despite its problems, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is an enjoyable experience with an engaging story and incredible characterization. Although the platforming is far from fluid and the story can feel convoluted at times, when KH3D soars, it soars high - capturing that KH magic that has propelled the series to great success for a decade now. Dream Drop Distance captures the quality of the console releases, but in bite-sized chunks fit for a portable, and successfully whisks players away to the world of Disney films like Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pinocchio, Tron: Legacy and more. Overall it’s a great new entry in the series, one befitting Sora and Riku’s return. With the excellent additions of Flowmotion combat and the Drop system, this may be the best portable entry in the series to date.

The story is silly, but hits the right notes and can be quite moving at times. The Memento system helps bridge the gap between new and old players.
Gorgeous graphics that rank among the best on the system and really bring the familiar worlds/characters to life. Occasionally an environment doesn’t hold up, but overall it’s a great-looking package.
Lovely music from veteran KH composer Yoko Shimomura - “Dearly Beloved” will still bring you to tears with its haunting melody. The voice acting is spot-on and it’s a nice touch that much of the original cast has returned.
The Drop system and Flowmotion combat are great additions to the real-time RPG system KH innovated so many years ago.
Lasting Appeal
Even though there are only seven worlds, the parallel storylines, plethora of hidden treasure chests and multiple difficulty levels make for a pretty lengthy experience.
(out of 10, not an average)
Other Reviews:
Gamecatalyst - 100
Indepedent UK - 100
Cubed3 - 90 - 85
ONM UK - 84
GameInformer - 83
Eurogamer - 80
CVG - 70
Nintendo Life - 70
Metro UK - 40

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That is surprising to see from IGN.

The best portable experience in the series? That's actually a high compliment, since BBS was already pretty good (it was better than KH2 to me).

I thoroughly loved the demo, so I'm eagerly awaiting the release .

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lilbroex said:
That is surprising to see from IGN.

Not really, Audrey is  a big Nintendo fan and she usually gives good scores to games on Nintendo consoles.

I'm an advocate for motion controls, Nintendo, and Kicking freaking Toad to the Moon!

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I want a 3ds for this game.


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spurgeonryan said:
Makes you wonder why the Japanese passed it up more or less. I hope for 200,00 plus week one.

A lot of people probably felt like it was another title like re:coded.

Good guy OP for copy/pasting the text from the website!

Two new reviews:

Game Informer and Official Nintendo Magazine UK

83 and 84, respectively.

Here's GI final comment:

Fans who are tired of Kingdom Hearts side-stories should be glad to know that this is definitely the last game before Kingdom Hearts III. I’m not going to tell you why, but the fact is made very clear. If you want to know the setup for the next big entry, you have to play this game to find out what’s in store for the conclusion of the Xehanort arc. You could just watch some cutscenes online, but you’d be cheating yourself out of a lot of fun.

Man, can't wait! Hmm, maybe setting the stage for a Wii U version of III?

:O Audrey represent! She's the best reviewer in IGN for sure. (And she's quite nice looking. )

I might have to spend my savings on this game...

Walkthrublazer3 said:
lilbroex said:
That is surprising to see from IGN.

Not really, Audrey is  a big Nintendo fan and she usually gives good scores to games on Nintendo consoles.

You know the names of the reviewers?