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I tore my ACL ligament on my right leg about 5 years ago. Hurt so bad and had to get reconstructive surgery for it. Still have a massive scar and a lot of the skin around that scar has little feeling,

Other than that most of my other countless injuries have been superficial.

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Cracked rib, sparring, tae kwon do
2nd cracked rib, sparring, tae kwon do
MCL, partial tear, skiing
Ankle, partial ligament tear, combatives
3rd cracked rib, sparring, boxing
Foot, fracture, muay thai

Sounds like a lot, but those were over many years.

No surgery for any of those.

homer said:
M.U.G.E.N said:
homer said:
A spider once attacked me in my sleep. I woke up and I had horrible bites on my legs that turned into bruises. I must have had those for a month and never went to the doc. Don't know what it was.

Have you tried shooting webs? Or crawling on the wall? 

I just tried to but nothing happened...

darn it..what a fucking useless spider! Better luck next time man....

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Fractured my spine in 3 places which has left my L2 33% crushed.
Broke my right foot twice
Broke collar bone twice
and torn ligaments in my knee
Stabbed in leg and had a bad burn from a motorbike near that same spot on my leg.

-Shocked myself while unplugging a toaster while it was on (when I was younger)
-When I was a child, I crashed into a seat when driver of the car we were in did a quick stop....had a few stitches placed on my forehead.
-Cut the back of my foot (I guess the heel area no idea) when I was in India...walked barefooted outside and scrapped across some rocks >_>.
-Not really a "injury" but I had a seizure when I was first born and had epilepsy for a few years...


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@ basel

Do not forget carpel tunnel from playing too many games.

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I broke my humerus almost 2 years ago and i needed the surgery, this photo is 4 days after it. I also broke my wrist from the same arm when i was 12 (12 years ago) also needed the surgery, i have other 2 scars in my left wrist.

Actually, my left arm now its like reconstructed. I currently have a plate and 7 screws in my left humerus.... its like my own "will smith i robots arm" and its the left to, hahaha.

The most important thing, i can play videogames without problems :D

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spurgeonryan said:
@ basel

Do not forget carpel tunnel from playing too many games.

Havent experienced that thankfully, due to the fact that I play games that dont involve mass clicking or finding ways to bypass the need for mass clicking (i.e. Autohotkey).


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A concussion from playing football.
Another concussion from getting slammed straight on my head from wrestling.
My mother once pulled out my shoulder when I was young, on accident.

I once got a really bad finger cramp whilst playing halo