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    What was your most played game for each generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 July 2019

    Nice job.N64, TLOZ: OoT most played and favorite.PS1: Favorite and most played: Tony Hawk.Gamecube: Favorite and most played: TLOZ: WW.Xbox: Halo 2 most played. Halo favorite. 360: Most played: Halo 3/Gears of War. Favorite: Bioshock. One: Most played Halo 5. Favorite:OriPS4: Most played and favorite TLOU (i only play it on ps4).Nintendo DS: Most played and favorite: The world ends with you. ...

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    How would you rate Microsoft's E3 conference out of ten?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 June 2019

    Good in general, 7-8. I wanted to know more about new console, specially since all the hype for the Google Stadia (wich i dont really liked that much). Also, i didnt like how they present the Gears 5 segment. The best of the conference i think, Ori, Cyberpunk, PSO, Psychonauts, Tales of and Halo and the way the gamepass is going with big library. ...

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    Halo 5 is Fantastic!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 November 2015

    I have been a xbox fan since que first one and i have played al de halo games. Knowing all the "bad" reviews and critics about the game, i going to give my sincere opinion about it. For mi, its que best halo since Halo 1. I belive than, beat halo 1 its hard because the awesome impression that give us when it came out, but, if im going to be honest, this one almost match it. I like the open...

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    Today's my 7-year anniversary for joining VGChartz

    in Website Topics on 04 November 2014

    7 years 8 months here. I liked the mrstickball prediction sales topics. Remember when de updates were montlhy with NPD numbers and weekly for japan, and that was all, but it was great to wait for the numbers to came. Remember the first time Europe sales were posted. Great times. ...

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    Xbox One’s Game Recording Features Restricted To Xbox Live Gold Members

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 August 2013

    They really didnt learned the lesson....

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    And now I'm back in Xbox One corner!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 June 2013

    im proud xbox fan since 2001.... i have to admit, and i said this before, my first next gen console would be ps4. But now, just like you, i just jumped in again :D...

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    Xbox One Details: Clarification for the Haters

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 June 2013

    Is not to be a hater, i have been a Xbox fan since 2002, but seriously: If i dont want to connect my xbox to the internet, its my problem, ms dosnt have to tell me what to do. If i buy a game, i can annything i want with it. That thing of the "10 family members can play my game whithout pay" its jut stupid, again, if i pay fot the Game, i should be able to let anyone i want to play it, been...

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    Xbox One and Used Games (From Larry Hryb)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 May 2013

    Shinobi-san said:Surely even the most diehard Xbox fans are getting frustrated with all this? For me, yes... if the 24 hour online and the fee are real, sorry MS, but im gonna have to jump out to the ps4. They are just shooting themselves in the foot. Lets wait for the E3....

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    What Games did you buy a 7th gen console for? What later released games made you glad you bought it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 January 2013

    DS - Bought For Zelda and Metroid Prime Hunters. - Glad I bought it for (with caps) THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU. Also Elite Beat Agents was awesome. 360 - Bought For Halo and Xbox live. - Glad I bought it for, Mass Effect, Gears of war, Lost Odyssey, Bioshock....

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    So are we allowed to make troll threads now?

    in General Discussion on 22 January 2013

    hahaha, come on, The "an unbiased comparison: sony lbp vs mario kart" thread was great....

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    Halo 4 - Software global Lifetime sales 2013 predictions

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 January 2013

    10.1 m for me....

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    Global UP! 12th January (updated with front page numbers)

    in Sales Discussion on 19 January 2013

    ethomaz said: FIFA 13 is huge... 6 million soon only on PS3.CoD is Call of Duty.Halo 3 (and Reach) entered in Holidays sales... they will catch soon Halo 4.All shotters (and ACIII) selling better on PS3 except Black Ops II. No, they wont... At the end of 07 halo 3 had 6.8 million and halo reach had 7.2m at the end of 09, halo 4 is now at 7.6m (if thats what you mean)...

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    The 2006-09 forum posters come to this thread! The VGC Old Republic will rise!! (Nothing to do with SW game xD)

    in General Discussion on 16 January 2013

    I dont have many posts, but im member since march 07, so, i have read the site for a looong time ago....

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    Why would I ever want to purchase a neXtBox 720?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 January 2013

    Maybe Gears is the only game you care, but you are not the whole world. Gears of war 2, 3, Halo series (and halo its waaay bigger than GoW) Lost oddysey, Tales of vesperia, Forza games, etc cant be played on pc. Not many people can spend 900 dlrs in building a new brand pc, i cant, also, i didnt need it, i just need a console to play... for the bassic homework and internet browsing, my regular...

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    Game of the Year 2012 - What was yours?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 January 2013

    No doubt, Mass effect 3... is there other? ...

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    What's the worst FPS that you've played?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 December 2012

    one call of duty game in the psp, i cant remember the name :/...

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    Top 5 of the worst beautiful games

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 December 2012

    RE6... awesome graphics, but the gameplay really not that good, the camera was really a pain.......

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    Which console did you enjoy more? N64 or Xbox

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 December 2012

    Xbox and Xbox live....

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    5 Reasons PC Gaming Is Better Than Consoles

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 November 2012

    I just have 1 reason why i prefer consoles. I like to put the game and play it (that includes have to install the game, spend time and money, than i dont have that much, thinking in what its the best way to built my pc, have to setting every part of the game, like graphics, etc.) plus, i cant play a games like gears of war trilogy (except for the 1) and lost odyssey, and many others than you can...

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    The Christmas holiday is coming. Will Vita finally reach 5 mil before 2013?

    in Sales Discussion on 20 November 2012

    i'll say no. 4.7 m....

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