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Forums - Sony Discussion - PSN Plus E3 Edition - June (TRULY EPIC WIN)

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AU store still hasn't updated. (usually updates buy now) or maybe we just rnt getting anything ...

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Im trying to talk my gf into letting me get this lol she loves ratchet and clank but shes so tight on her pennies :P

crissindahouse said:
Stinky said:
Don't get me wrong I'm not here to cast aspersions on what looks like good value, but isn't it slightly disingenuous to promote these games as free when you have to have a PSN+ sub to play them?

yeah saw it now as well. sure it's marketing which works like you see. people would never have played 80% of that because they don't care about most games and the few they are really interestet in cost only 5€ or so on ebay which they would really own then. (or they could get them in a rental shop for few euros). for people who have ps+ it is good but making an account only for that is money wasting. but "we give you for free" was always an excellent marketing trick i wonder why companies like sony/microsoft/nintendo don't use it more often because they will earn money with it and not lose money like some might think.

btw are you really stinky? haha

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. My plus membership works out to $3.33 a month ($4.17 for a new member) . I get ALL those games for that price. Beats the living shit out of buying or renting. You can't buy even one of those at that price. You might be able to rent one for a week. And anyone saying they own them all is full of shit. I don't believe for a second anyone owns anything close to all those unless you buy every damn thing that releases. Also one of those games is a new release. The ps+ discounts alone cover the cost of my membership. It's just amazing to me that people don't see the value in ps+. There's four games on that list i've been on the fence for buying but never picked up. Phenomenal deal.


vgchartz turns my post into an unfixable block of text..,wth


damn that's awesome, I like the European collection even better :) and yay for no bandwith limits ;)

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As always I already have the best and I wouldn't pay anything to get the rest.

And the US store is far superior IMO (Still have all of them I'm interested in)

Barozi said:
As always I already have the best and I wouldn't pay anything to get the rest.

And the US store is far superior IMO (Still have all of them I'm interested in)

That's the beauty of ps+. You get to try things you would otherwise never buy. Got Awesomenauts last month and put 160 hours into it. Game is a blast and i never would have given it a second look if i hadn't gotten it through ps+.


I will buy PSN+ now, too good a deal now.

Gilgamesh said:
Wh1pL4shL1ve_007 said:
Gilgamesh said:
Can you subscribe for one month? or does it have to be three month or a year, also I checked that this morning and I couldn't find the free games.

Dude, You might want to subscribe for a lifetime if you want to keep those games forever. 

What do you mean I only have access to them as long as I'm subscribed?

hahaha are you actually serious or joking? I can't tell.

Asia gets no love?

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