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Glad i'm not part of the "some of us" club.

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Good for you Wagram.

Gilga, you and Leatherhat are both replaying it at the same time, it can't be a coincidence. Any more of you also relieving some of these jewels lately? For me it was FFIV DS just last summer, I really enjoyed FFIV all over again.

I have played & beat every FF 100% except for 11 and 14. My favourites (in order);
1) FFX
2) FF7
3) FF9
4) FF6
5) FF8
6) FF12
7) FF4
8) FF 13
9) FF5
10) FF3
11) FF1
12) FF2
Not counting FF 13-2 & FF X-2 in the above (which I have played & beat 100%)



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Train wreck said:

Final fantasy 6 (3 US) hands down is my favorite final fantasy game.  I didnt know a game existed that could have effected me at age 12 when i first started playing but there are just soo good many parts, and some extremely sad ones, in an era where graphics were not king, it was music and the image of the moment that really set the game.


Those are awesome examples. That's the kind of scene that makes these classics so memorable, kind of like the one I showed Wiibox3 of the King and Queen of Eblan.

 everybody who has my 3ds code knows I spam swapnote with FFVI drawings... I really love that game, the characters, the setting, the music... Amano´s art is just amazing, I really wish he is given the chance to create a game trying to keep his art as close to his drawings as possible.

 One of the best game openings ever:


 Also this...


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Oh this thread could become my home...

To let in a little bit of insight to why I hate Final Fantasy XIII and its sequel XIII-2 so much:

Final Fantasy VI is my single favorite game of all time
Final Fantasy VII, X, and XII are tied for 6th favorite of all time
Final Fantasy VIII and IX are tied for 10th favorite of all time
Final Fantasy IV is almost as good as VIII and IX, and will likely join them as time goes on (I only ever played it for the first time last year when I played Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection on PSP)
Final Fantasy I, and II are both really awesome in their own rights
Final Fantasy Tactics was truly memorable and a really special experience
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was just as fun as tactics, even though the story was a joke
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles was actually not all that bad, as long as you had the equipment to play it
Final Fantasy X-2 was also quite good, in spite of the overly silly story and dialogue.

What I'm trying to say here is that I've adored every final fantasy I've played, barring XIII and its sequel XIII-2. I rarely give scores 9 and above, but for comparison's sake:

Final Fantasy I - 9.0
Final Fantasy II - 8.7
Final Fantasy III - 6.1
Final Fantasy IV - 9.5
Final Fantasy V - N/A
Final Fantasy VI - 10.0
Final Fantasy VII - 9.7
Final Fantasy VIII - 9.6
Final Fantasy IX - 9.6
Final Fantasy X - 9.7
Final Fantasy XI - N/A
Final Fantasy XII - 9.7

Final Fantasy Tactics - 9.2
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - 8.6
Final Fantasy Tactcis Advance 2 - 8.7

Final Fantasy X-2 - 8.4
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings - 6.2
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles - 7.8

For the record, I didn't much care for III, as I only played it on the DS and I thought the graphics were hideous and I found it really ruined the feel of the game...which is weird because graphics are in my opinion the least important thing in a game.

Still working on Final Fantasy V for the first time, but am finding I don't have the time in between all the other games. I hear it's really good, though.

I refuse to play MMORPG's, so XI and XIV are out.

So I suppose you can now understand why I am so disappointed when I hated Final Fantasy XIII. Here are the scores I personally give them:

Final Fantasy XIII - 2.1
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - 5.4

I cite the lack of control in combat, extreme linearity (in XIII), poor plot and characters, as well as a criminally lacking number of side quests (in XIII) as the justifications. XIII-2 was much better, and overall a somewhat positive experience, but still marred by poor storytelling, boring characters, a shitty ending, and a mostly fixed but still fundamentally flawed battle system.

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oh no,

the thing i like most about the classic FF games (3,4,6,7)is the music, amongst my all time favs, the gameplay is also balanced and challenging

Runa216 said:
Oh this thread could become my home...

What were some of your favorite final fantasy moments? (Basil this is for you too)

I personally really loved FFIV DS, and the graphics (oddly enough). Interesting how we saw that from very different tastes. Without pushing that on you, I just wanted to say that what I liked about the FFIV DS graphics was that the colors were true to the SNES original, and I strangely liked the blurriness in that I was able to fill the gaps myself. Sometimes I like that. But aside from graphics, in the remake, the dialogue was really improved over the original (like really improved), and the augments added a lot of fun to the game. I wonder if those two improvements were in the complete collection remake for the PSP (I would think so).

My love for final fantasy is just too big to make me ignore the "Newer" ones, but honestly , I enjoyed every final fantasy I played, and I played/watched/read ALL of them, including spin offs, Anime, books ...ect ect, ALL.OF.THEM, and I am kinda proud to do so  

I've once wrote a huge thread like yours about my experience on every single final fantasy game and asked people to share their experience, of course without the lists and "Final Fantasy (Something) IS THE BEST GAME EVER)  , honestly, I don't have one favourite, because they're way too different from each other, every game has its own charms, but if there is one thing I dislike about final fantasy , its the fanboys, I really, REALLY dislike the fanboys, they make me want to stop liking the series instead of liking it.