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Triple Triad was memorable for me with VIII, but IX and its Chocobo segments were fun. Once you find the items you needed, it'll forever be embedded in your mind.

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i dont like modern FF games
FF 4 and 7 are my favourites, i have to play 6 thats supposedly one of the best
also im the only one here who likes the different aproach they brought with FFCC series on Nintendo consoles?

BasilZero said:

FF6 is awesome, totally recommend playing the GBA version.


Also I loved FFCC on GameCube, didnt play any of the NDS ones that much but will look forward to it. Would be amazing if they remake the game in HD for the Wii-U *__*.

You know what would be really awesome on WiiU?

A Final Fantasy 1 remake with asynchronous controls and online play. :)

BasilZero said:
WiiBox3 said:
So I'm deep into disc 3 of FFIX. And the story has finally hooked me. Also the battles have finally become more challenging, requiring real strategy. I think all of the boss fights up to this point have been a little disappointing since when I face them, they fall rather easily without any strategy required. (This may be a good thing, since after fighting a boss you often have a long way to go afterward without a save point)

My favorite part so far was when Kuja, splits the party, sending Zidane to retrieve something for him from the lost continent. It was entertaining having all of my fighters in one party, and my magic users in another. I also liked that while Dagger is in morning she is unreliable, so you need to completely change your strategy up using her.

I just got the airship, so I can't wait to see how the world has opened up now! I am also finally becoming fond of the characters. Until now I could have cared less about any of them, it's been a slow buildup for me, but I'm sure the pay off will be worth it.

Woman, it took you to the 3rd disc to like the story D:!?

I cant wait to play the game again, loved it so much! Need to play the other 8 games before it first before I start playing it again though ;p

Opposite for me.  I stopped liking the story after the third disc started.  About halfway through the disc.

In yesteryear was a time where passion drove our people, where it was not one single piece of hardware that drove the minds of the game magicians, but it was their passion to make the best that ever existed. That one passion led men to devote sleepless hours to the making of games with limited hardware, the best of the time, the Super NES, to make what we gamers were blessed to call ours: Final Fantasy IV. It was a time where the epitome of gaming had nothing to do with any hardware nor any limitation any hardware could bring. It was the reflection of aspiration, the highest of any kind.