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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Classic Final Fantasy (I-X) fans, come post

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^I also prefer the older games, but I have enjoyed some of the newer games as well. I really liked VII, VIII, and X.

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outlawauron said:
I'm one of the different ones apparently. I absolute love the FF series in its entirety. There is an obvious hierarchy, but it's a complete mixture without a real pattern (a slight favoring on the new half rather than the old half).

@ Ajescent

Gah. I had to stop. I was about to get teary-eyed.

Yes, that was the scene that confirmed my love for the game

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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
FF7 is the best game ever created !!!

Best snowboarding mini game!

WiiBox3 said:

Both great moments. The Magus sisters in IV's Tower of Zot were a challange I always enjoyed. They are still one of my favorite boss fights of all time. (Even though they are more of a mini boss.

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I love the Magus sisters, they're a fun boss. I also found Rubicante pretty tough in the DS version.

What did you think of the scene where Edge's parents come back to their senses after being turned into monsters?

It's that kind of scene that really makes FFIV a great game.

I like all of them, except the first 3, and the online ones. So yay, post.

I liked the silent movie feel of 8, and 9, (7's FMV's were too crappy and just generally looks crappy even for its time imo, but is great nonetheless).

FFVII's world map was the best, because there were layers that could only be reached with certain vehicles/chocobos. And you had to do quests to get those chocobos, not to mention, you had to use a submarine as well. The world map in the other final fantasy's don't differ a whole lot for than the point and click found in X,X-2,XIII-2 and most JRPG's or even Bioware RPG's these days. I would have liked the series to have build off 7's where the overworld geography mattered,.  but they quit building off of that at FF8, FF9 where it was a lot less interesting, and FFX where they removed it altogether.. (Though FF8 is my favorite).

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I'm not a megafan of the franchise (I've only played VI (a bit) VII, IX, X, X-2, XIII and XIII-2) but I must say X is also one of my favourite games of all time.

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i'll hop on this train.

I prefer the games up to X. XII had a nice world but not enough strotytelling to keep my atention and XIII had a boring story AND combat system.

Final fantasy 6 (3 US) hands down is my favorite final fantasy game.  I didnt know a game existed that could have effected me at age 12 when i first started playing but there are just soo good many parts, and some extremely sad ones, in an era where graphics were not king, it was music and the image of the moment that really set the game.



Replaying FFIX right now for the first time in 10 years, awesome game, I'm on the 3rd disk now, one more to go.

I think FF-FFVI and FFVII-FFX-2 are pretty much different eras as well.

Personally I'm a fan of IV/V/VI and IX. Haven't played much of X though. I also found FFVII to be a huge bore with lame characters and godawful graphics.