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I say remove the tripping, and no thanks to dlc. I'm fine with stages of doom and the only scrolling stage I liked was the mario one. I also think the stage editor should be expanded on and the clone characters should be made more unique.

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I'm actually quite surprised that more people didn't find the "clones" in brawl to have enough differences. I love the similarities in the fox team because after using all of them the differences in their moves are even harder to miss. I like the different costume/character idea, but do much much lesser degree. Different styles of link in fact is about the only way i'd go on that one. Including young/toon link. I think deity link and demise should be link and gannondorfs final smashes.
I actually just wrote on a different thread about this. Obviously keep local multiplayer, but slightly less obvious bump up the player count to 8 for online multiplayer. 4vs4 online would be so sweet.
I'd also like to see the inclusion of "team final smashes" and "team moves". I've always been a huge fan of team matches.
Additionally, i feel like all the big slow characters are still at too much of a disadvantage (save maybe dedede) so i'd simply like them to live even longer. If they're gonna be punching bags, let them be durable punching bags.
Either make tripping optional or get rid of it! Especially air tripping. What the hell is that? c'mon.
Death stages are fine as long as there are non-death stages.
One of the most important improvements i feel they could make is a greater range when it comes to setting item frequency. i feel like even the rarest setting has items coming out too often.
I found the game speed change fine. I'd be happy with action at this speed fine in the next one.
Only dlc i could actually want is additional stages. New characters just feels like a bad idea.

Fix the fuggin' online! And the controls too, the original Smash had the tightest controls, while Brawl's controls were looser than a $5 hooker.

And go back to the core gameplay simplicity that was the original SSB... Melee got a little crazy with the powerups but it didn't break the game. Whenever I played Brawl however, especially with 4 players, half the time I had absolutely no idea what the hell was going on because there's so much shit happening on the screen and the camera is almost always zoomed all the way out unless all 4 players are real close to each other, which is almost never.

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Nice article :)
But Y U NO let people comment as anonymous??

Only 763 views to the article after a day. Poor GamrReview...

Disagree on most of the "Ditch" except for tripping. Tripping i felt makes very little sense, the bad kind of randomness as opposed to the good kind introduced by items

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I agree with most of the article, especially that the achievement-system is great. Reduce the item-dropping-frequency in standard-settings (but allow for massive item-dropping if it is wished). Fix online and include mixed online/local-sessions.

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