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sethnintendo said:
Seems to be a design flaw the engineers missed. The duct tape should be going around the other way so it isn't blocking the disc drives.

No no no.  In order to save money on the design, Nintendo will be using leftover disc drives from the Wii, as well as disc drives from recycled Wii's.  The only problem with this money saving technique is the WiiU uses a different size disc, hence the duct tape.

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Now I can understand why we never have gamecube 2..........

killeryoshis said:
Roma said:
killeryoshis said:
Just as I suspected! With 2x the power 2x the internet 2x the Motion + the Wii U will start a revolution that spurs into a whole new different way to play. We will enter 4D

But that means Nintendo copied Sony as they already have 4D in PS3


I wonder why Sony haven’t used that feature yet to go back in time in order to release a Wiimote like controller for PS3 from the start…


They probably did but in doing so they split the timeline so we don't get the effects :O

Aha! That’s why Ken Kuturagi(sp?) resigned! He went back in time too fix the past after he was badly beaten!


So this is the timeline where Iwata succeeds and the other one is were he fails and evil rules the lands! :O


poor the other us :(

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Obviously fake, it's just 4 Gamecube's taped together. Nice try.



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Guys, you can play 2 games AT THE SAME TIME! Innovation at it's best! It's something we have never seen before! Woohoo! I can play Zelda and SMASH at the same time! I can save time this way! wooh! Leave it to Ninty to do Somethin LikE ThIS!

NiKKoM said:

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

Looks legit.

Gee i hope they make conduit 3 for it

Still no HD...

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