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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Gamespot gives The Legend of Zelda:Skyward sword a.........

Asriel said:
I find it utterly bizarre strict magazines and sites like Eurogamer, Edge, GamesTM and even Metro Gamecentral can praise Skyward Sword for being so inventive, for breathing fresh air into the Zelda franchise, for nailing motion controls perfectly, and then Gamespot insist it's still the same old Zelda with controls that don't work properly. I can't judge accurately until I've played the game myself, but given the evidence I've read across reviews, it sounds like whoever reviewed this simply doesn't understand how the typical Zelda formula has been shaken up, and then criticises it for still being a Zelda game. The same site can praise the incremental changes in the yearly COD games, yet after 5 years in development and with clear changes from the Ocarina template, they criticise Zelda for not doing enough to change.

Exactly! And that’s one of the reasons Gamespot is biased! Or at leas the person that reviewed the game.

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I was awake when the news hit. It was about 1am at night. I got a notification from level!death, not knowing what it was I happily click on it. I was shocked ,but not surprised with what I saw.
Gamestop has been doing this more an more recently. What a terrible score to give a game which is obviously closer to a 10 than a 7.5

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pezus said:
dark_gh0st_b0y said:
Gamespot is Nintendo biased (you can call me stupid or fanboy), it's the truth

they barely care about Nintendo or it's platform, 90% of their site is based on Xbox360/Ps3

so, IGN says 10, Gamespot says 7.5

I say Gamespot sucks, not that IGN is always right or something, but i usually agree with IGN reviews more than Gamespot

There's a good reason for that, and no it isn't because they are biased. They need something to write about and considering the lack of (good) Wii games for the last few years, being 90% based on 360/PS3 isn't that unusual.

This reviewers sucks though, he seems to only like certain genres and hate all others. Don't know why he doesn't just stick with his specialty (shooters most likely).

i know, it's normal to focus on Ps3/Xbox360 lately, since Wii games are very few lately

but the difference is so huge, not even before when the Wii had games coming out, they didn't care, and they don't care about Nintendo and the great Nintendo characters either, they barely mention Nintendo, pretend Nintendo does not exist

don't mind my username, that was more than 10 years ago, I'm a different person now, amazing how people change ^_^

So we have our controversial review just like Uncharted did, and ours is worse...

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

This would bother me if I cared about what the Metacritic score was going to be for a game that I haven't played yet that hapenns to be in a series that I like. If I cared, I'd say something like:

Go to hell Gamespot! I hope that you die and get nothing for Christmas!

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hmmm a 7.5 seems to low ive been playing the game for 4 horus and itxs really good so far and I hear it only gets better their trippin. The motion controls are not perfect but they work great. But whatever its sitting at 94 on meta so who cares lol.

When one gives a game a score that is so far off the norm -- especially a game that is getting praise from sources which normally do not pay attention to Wii games -- then you have to wonder about the intent, intellect, or interpretation of the reviewer ... or the entire review system.

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Yes... I waited this thread coming out.
I already read the review from gamespot, and I can't say anything. I didn't play the game either, so I don't know if gamespot people right or wrong. Don't get me wrong I've been waiting this game from 1st place and I'm Zelda Fanboy (Not Nintendo Fanboy). So I will be deciding by myself.

Well that was unexpected

...I don't agree with this score