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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Your Top 50 Games: 2011 Discussion Thread

Mr Khan said:
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

My list so far has games that will be completely unique to me, i think. The only one anyone might possibly touch is Toe Jam & Earl

My 47 should make a few appearances

I haven't played the original TJ&E but I have played a couple of hours of Panic on Funkotron on my cousin's MegaDrive, that was quite fun.... though without the ability to save progress it was a little frustrating given I couldn't play for very long in one go.


I added my 47th... Portal on PC. Something that will almost certainly be on some others lists, the sequel I have already seen too (though unfortunately not played)

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Damn!!! I'm starting to fall behind already. I'll have to post two games tomorrow.

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TruckOSaurus said:
KylieDog said:

Might I request pictures be banned from the main thread or at least limited to most recent game added, the page is gonna take an eternity to load eventually and some people seem to really going overboard with picture sizes, nevermind the time it takes to scroll past them all. Embedded videos are even worse.

I thought about removing the images from my post to not make it so long and reduce load time and I'm just using tiny box arts for images.


edit: If anyone is like me it just gonna make me ignore all but my own post and not even read others unless posting in THIS thread.

I agree with this. My list in the other thread is just game name, platform and a link to the post in this thread explaining it all.

I'll limit my top 5 games to large banners, and then I'll just use small box covers. I don't want to see too many banner either. However my top 10 will still have oversized banners :P

Still I'll agree to a box cover format.

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#48. Half-Life 2 (PC) - This game is fun. I remember being young and watching my uncle play the first game. Funny enough, I still have never even played Half-life 1. Might play it sooner but most likely later. All in all, I think this game was still the star of the orange box. Don't know why its not higher though.

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RolStoppable said:
sethnintendo said:
I went with Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting (SNES) because I believe it is the best version of SF2. While there might have been a better version of SF2 (no clue considering there are probably a ton of them), I love the ability to crank up or down the speed of the game. I didn't even own a SNES (went with Sega that generation) but I played this game a little when it was first out on SNES. I have put a decent amount of hours on the VC title while playing against a friend.

Please, for everything that is holy in gaming, get the titles of the games you put on the list right. There was no Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the SNES. The subtitle and description make it clear that you need to scratch the "Super".

I typed it in right in the other thread or someone changed it.  Funny thing is that I have it written down right.  I must have just been inclined to add the Super when typing in this thread.  I kneel for forgiveness and pray that I never make a mistake like that again.

Went with Punch-Out!! for 47.  While some might view it as a weak choice.  I believe those people probably didn't grow up during the 8-bit era.  I never did beat Tyson though...  Now, I can only face Mr. Dream or whatever.

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I noticed everyone is putting their list counting down (what we are supposed to be doing). Such as listing 50 then 49
then 48, etc.. Apparently, I went the other way. I was just thinking that when the list is complete you will then have #1 on top. Anyways, I'm leaving it that way since it makes me cool.

When I read a count down, I've always preferred it when they count down O.o having the 1st placed item at the top ruins the list imo.

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Ajescent said:
When I read a count down, I've always preferred it when they count down O.o having the 1st placed item at the top ruins the list imo.

Technically, I am counting down but at the end it will look like I counted up perhaps.  I guess it is all about presentation but I prefer to look at the top 10 right away with decent text about each game usually if I see lists in magazines.  It all comes down to personal preference.  I am too lazy to even type any description about them in the thread we post them.

#47 Transport tycoon played on PC, released 1994

It was a close tie with rollercoaster tycoon but transport tycoon wins a spot on my top 50. Never after playing this have I played a tycoon game of similar scope. You play on a huge map with multiple cities and villages, starting out with a couple of busses and trucks, slowly making your way up to building your own roads, railways, altering terrain, digging canals for shipping lanes and constructing huge airport hubs. Cities grow, industries and resources appear and disappear over time. One play through will last you for a week going over a period from 1930 until 2050. Very addictive, and it still has an active community in OpenTTD



#47 -> Metroid Prime (GC)

After Nintendo left off the main Metroid effort at Super Metroid on the SNES, it was a daunting task for both Nintendo and Retro Studio to revive the series in 3 dimensions 8 years later on the Gamecube. What they delivered was breathtaking. Sporting some of the most lushest visuals of the time, the world of Samus Aran was brought to life in glorious 3D like noone would have ever imagined. To launch the title, you are welcomed with a biological themed start screen with enchanting technorchestral sound that made the most reticent fan salivate. As you began the game, the magic did not fade. Graced with a remix of classic Metroid music, your journey begins in the greener Tallon Overworld. But it's upon entering the Chozo Ruins that you begin to see the sheer detail in every single room you visit. This richness of detail makes the world so charming, as every unique feature makes it that much more distinguishable, that much more memorable. Then comes Magmoor Caverns, where fans of the series are treated with a beautiful remix of their beloved and haunting lower norfair theme, that makes you want to sing in an austere, base voice behind a haunting chozo mask. Many artifacts can be found in the game which reveal the history of the virtuous Chozo, an ancient civilization of great nobility. Music, visuals and environment being key properties of this series, the game does not dissapoint in terms of gameplay. Behind the lovely Samus HUD, players play a first person view of Samus Aran's ostacles and challenges, none of which is any less fun than the game was before. Of course, we all missed the dash boots, but all the other joys of the new 1st person adventure made the jump to 3D that much worth it. And to top it all off, Retro Studios pulled of the all so important morph ball like it was fine art. A beautiful stellar title that made the gamecube shine, Metroid Prime gets my #47 spot.


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