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#46 Heart of Darkness played on Playstation, released 1998

Part of an underrepresented genre, a beautifully made cinematic platformer with a great orchestral score to back up the action. Following in the tradition of Another world and Flashback. The only recent game in this genre is Limbo, which was a bit too much style over substance for me. The game's only drawback was it's short length, but it was all quality over quantity. There was plenty of variety in gameplay and puzzles on your journey to confront the master of darkness. It was a lot of fun to play together, taking turns to get through the difficult sections. Not many games nowadays are just as fun to watch someone else play. I would love to see a modern take on a full budget cinematic platformer backed up by a team like Naughty dog. Until then I'm looking forward to the HD remake of Oddworld's Abe Oddysee.