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47. Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)

A big improvement over the first one. The best part about LBP are the user-generated levels of course, and these are even more fun in LBP2 because of the many new possibilities to create your own levels. It's just amazing to see what some people are able to create.
Furthermore even the story levels were a lot better than in LBP1.

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47 - Motorstorm Apocalypse (ps3)

While not nearly as good as Pacific Rift I still had a good time online and in splitscreen/

47: Street Fighter IV (PS3)


Looking at my list I have

1 - Second gen game
3 - Third gen games (based off when hardware releases)
7 - Fourth gen games
18 - Fifth gen games
12 - Sixth gen games
9 - Seventh gen games

N64/PS1 did rock.


47. Fallout 3

     Like all of Bethesdas recent games, Fallout 3 creates a believable open world RPG like no other. In every town, there are unique people, who each have their own goals in this post nuclear world. Some worship a giant nuke, others wish to detonate it for a nice show, and other just want zombie rights. This game just has so many side stories (which in the end take twice as long as the main plot to complete), which are all unique and interesting. On top of that, this game manages to merge shooters and RPG's in a very unique, fun and addictive way. I can never blow off enough heads. Very excited to get New Vegas Ultimate Edition early next year.

KylieDog - I have

8 - fourth generation games

9 - fifth generation games

18 - sixth generation games

15 - seventh generation games

So I say, all hail the PS2/GCN/XB gen. I think SNES had the best games, but PS2 era had the most great games.

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47. NBA Jam (SNES)

2 v 2 basketball, with no fouls, overexaggerated slam dunks that break the laws of physics, and flaming balls when a player goes on a scoring streak, this game is just simple fun at its most pure. This is the first basketball game I ever played, and it ruined any attempt to play a more serious basketball game, because they just aren't any where near as fun as this game. Boomshakalaka!


#47 - Double Dragon (SMS)

Absolutely rubbish today of course, but I loved it when I was a kid.

Great choices! NBA Jam was a blast to play. Double Dragon was excellent, even today to me is a great game.

#47 : Parasite Eve (PSX): A survival horror set in a modern day New York with elements of RPG? Count me in. This game is great, it was so difficult to me (I was a kid...kind of) but anyway Eve was so evil and sexy(? The story got me hooked a lot even though I lose my save like 4 times before I finished the game.

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#48. Batman Arkham Asylym (Game of the Year Edition) (PC)

Like ZvP, this is a game I had heard a lot about but passed on due to having already too much to play, then came along Steam and its amazing deals and I got this baby for 15$ (I think, my memory is fuzzy). The keyboard controls were a bit awkward but the game was so good that it didn't bother me much. The combat is simple but tons of fun, the game has a good mix of stealth and hand to hand combat and finding Riddler trophies, interview tapes, Arkham Beetle Thingies (don't remember what they're called, did I tell you my memory is fuzzy?) and destroying all the Joker Teeth is incredibly addicting. To top it off the story is really interesting, particularly the Joker who keeps shouting comments at his henchmen through the megaphones.

Random Joker quote: I want everyone to know that I really appreciate all the hard work. You know, watching you guys is like a night in, watching my favorite movie. What was the name of that movie again? Oh, yes. Attack of the stupid bungling idiots who can't find an bigger idiot running around dressed like a bat! Now get to it!

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#47. Max Payne (PS2)

Gritty, moody, dark, that's what Max Payne is about. The story begins with Max's wive and kid being murdered (told ya!) , it is told through graphic novels panels and voice over as you play. You immediately get pulled in that world of drug addicts, corruption and vengence. So much in fact, that for a few weeks my brother and I kept narrating our lives Max Payne style ("He opened the fridge and took out a carton of milk that was older both of us" , you get the idea).

There was more than a good story in Max Payne, there was also some incredible gamplay to be found. The game's bullet-time feature allowed you to slow time for a little while and shoot bad guys while jumping to the side like in a Matrix movie. You also got to beat up drug addicts, that's always fun. The game is not perfect, the allucination levels where you walk in a dark room, hearing your baby cry and where you fall down every three steps you take are beyond frustrating but there's not much of those and then it's back to killing bad guys and drugs addicts!!!

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