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Forums - Movies & TV - Top Movies of the 80's elimination thread! Big Trouble in Little China and Die Hard tied for first place! Sudden death?

80's movies are the fucking best.

+ Back to the Future

- Police Academy

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Also First Blood (Rambo I) (1982), The Elephant Man (1980), Raging Bull (1980) and Gandhi (1982) should be on the list.

Why no Goonies??

+ Ferris Bueller's Day Off
- Gremlins

Also Glory (1989) should be on the list on of the best war movies of the 80's and best civil war movie in my opinion.

-Back to the Future

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+ Raiders of the Lost Ark
- Look Who's Talking

+Empire Strikes Back
-Police Academy


I could have sworn it was obvious the movies including in the list where the Top 100 biggest movies of the decade, yet somehow i still see people asking "No "xxx"?" Wheres "xxx"?"

+Rocky 4
-Born on the 4th of July

StarWars:EmpireStrikesBack! Best movie of the eighties. The next best film would have to be Indiana Jones:Raiders Of The Lost Ark. With Die Hard rounding up my top three!

StarWars:EmpireStrikesBack, by far the best movie to come out during the 80's. I mean it was the best StarWars film in the origional trilogy in my opinion it had everything. I absolutely adored the film and of course it showed that a sequel to StarWars could work and that the franchise had potential. The special effects were amazing for the time and the plot was so deep it would make a grown man cry for joy.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost Ark, the second greatest film of the eighties. It was the newest franchise from Goerge Lucas and proved that the genious was capable of creating yet another nearly perfect movie trilogy. It also showed Speilbergs ability to become one if not the greatest film director to have lived. Harrison Ford was brilliant and the film made your jaw drop. Special effects were awesome and the films plot was edgy and largely origional.

Die Hard, yah its not the cinematic master peice that StarWars:ESB was and it isn't as good as Indiana Jones another cinematic master peice. But it is still an instant classic and by far the best action film to grace the screens in the 80's if your not counting Indy or sci-fi films.

In the end I would have to say between the late 70's and early 90's Goerge Lucas was involved with the best movies to come out. Indiana Jones and StarWars were two of the best film franchises to come out in the late 20th century and arguably all time. Speilberge also started to rule the screens starting around the 80's and together they have made the best film franchises and films themselves to grace screens


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+1 Terminator
-1 Rocky 3