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Forums - Movies Discussion - Zombieland vs Shaun of the Dead

LOL  @ Resident Evil series. Actually they were pretty funny werent they :)

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Both are excellent Zombie movies and very fun. But I will go with Shaun of the Dead. I'm a Zombie fan and have seen tons of these, but I just thought Shaun was better.

Michael Cera (joke) and Woody get on my nerves a little when they keep getting suckered and it makes the girls a little less likeable, while at the same time making the guys look like idiots. Still fun though.

Big Jesse Eisenberg fan here.And still,I liked Shaun of the Dead more.

Yeah those Resident Evil movies were...something else. But in the second one (I think) Jill was really hot, and just looked perfect. The Nemesis and S.T.A.R.S. members were perfect too, but then that Karate Matrix bitch came in and ruined it all, just like she did with the rest of these...films.

Guess we can throw Dead Alive into the ring too. Theres a sometimes forgotten zombie comedy!

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Yes Dead Alive is awesome, and it's one of my favorites along with Shaun. So gory and ridiculous, I kind of found it by accident and was pleasantly surprised. I was even more surprised when I found out it was from Peter Jackson.

Zombieland for me.

If I had to pick it may be shaun of the dead, just for that one scene in the pub when they're smacking that one zombie around and that classic music pops up, freakin hilarious!


Shaun of the Dead was a far funnier movie in my opinion. Zombieland was alright but the funny scenes were few and far in between.

Shaun of the dead is the superior movie. Zombieland was great fun though.

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