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Forums - Movies Discussion - Zombieland vs Shaun of the Dead

Which is the better zombie comedy? It's such a tough choice I really cant decide. Its really props to Shaun since I'm sure Zombieland had the much bigger budget and you still cant pick. What do you all think?

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Shaun of the Dead in my honest opinion.

Zombieland is alright though.

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There is no comparison. Shaun of the Dead is just brilliant. Although I am a massive fan of Spaced ( Simon Pegg/ Nick Frost tv show) and its basically the same type of humour and style.

Shaun of the Dead is miles ahead of Zombieland in every possible way.Zombieland wasn't half bad though.

Hmm that's tough. I love them both in their own way. Zombieland seems to have more action, while Shaun of the Dead is more subtle with witty comedy. I think I slightly favor Zombieland, based solely off the hilarious cameo and because Woody Harrelson is such a badass.

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Main character actors and comedy I would have to go with Shaun because Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are hilarious. As far as special effects and action though I'd have to go with Zombieland. Thats what ties it up and makes it so hard to pick.

Shaun of the Dead definitely. Their one liners were awesome. Zombieland isn't bad though, it's actually pretty good.

Shaun of the Dead. Everyone I saw with Zombieland hated it. Its a shitty romantic comedy wrapped up in a zombie universe.

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Zombie comedy? Obviously the whole Resident Evil series.

Honesty, Shaun of the Dead.

i liked zombieland more.

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