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Ive played almost all the 3d Zeldas(Im going to start Windwaker in the future) but this is gorgeous. My mind is blown.

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sc94597 said:
bobobologna said:
sc94597 said:
bobobologna said:

I think I would have preferred Wind Waker style graphics, or Twilight Princess style graphics.  This seems like a weird blend of the two that just doesn't mesh for me.

Also, bullshots are bullshots.  Just sayin.  Also, just kidding.  Sort of.

Game does look really good though, even if these are bullshots, and I don't really dig the art style.

I don't understand how you can consider them bullshots? We all did see the gameplay video. Not much of a difference between the two


1600x900 resolution?  With like 50xAA?  That isn't a bullshot?  That's probably around seven times the resolution the game will really run at and maybe 50 times the AA the game will really have.

I doubt the "1600x900" is the native resolution, but if it helps the first screen is well under that and realistic. I don't know where you get the 50xAA from, a source would be nice. Regardless of what tampering there may have been with the screens, there isn't a noticeable difference from the gameplay videos shown other than being of higher image quality.  

All of these screenshots are 1600x900.  They have been resized in the post, but they are all native 1600x900.  The 50xAA is simply referring to the fact that the game has exactly zero jaggies in these "screenshots."

And higher quality is exactly what I'm getting at.  Yes, these are the same textures and models that you will find in the game, but the image quality is way beyond what the game will look like.

Unless...wait, you don't think Killzone 2 is going to look like this do you?

Also, this will be my last post in response to this whole bullshot deal, I don't want to derail this thread, and I was saying it partially in jest.

sc94597 said:
theprof00 said:

presentation was awful.

"watch when I swing, it follows my movement"

*swing* -nothing- *swings sideways* -link swings down

"if you swing from the side, it swings sideways"

*swings sideways* -tornado swing

"everyone shut off your cellphones!"

"Ok, when you hold the bomb up and toss it..."

*tosses* -nothing- *tosses again* -nothing *toss-bomb is tossed

"Bow and arrow time"

"Ok everyone turn off your electronic devices"

*nothing happens for 5 minutes*

*crowd of fanboys still wowed by the fact that there is a zelda onscreen*

You might be interested in this.  Seems very fluent to me in this video.!

ah that's much better. Still, I wish some of the rumors of space link were true. Series really needs a reboot and M is not the answer.

I like the music.  I think people will just take some time to get used to the new look, also we (I) haven't yet seen how the style translates to different environments.  I always felt TP could have learned a lesson or two from Windwaker particularly when it came to music and maybe this is the game that will do it.

This looks like a cool:

keeping it in link form to maintain the size.

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when i saw it at first at the conference i thought it looked kinda meh, but after seeing some screens  and some more gameplay videos, i'm starting to like the graphics alot. Like some have said before it looks like a painting. Another painting looking game is Okami so with the new Zelda having this look, its freaking awesome.


So underwhelming IMO.


All the objects look great in my opinion (Link, the monster plants, ogres) but the actual level/environment looks very bland, nothing special AT ALL