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So beautiful:


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That looks absolutely incredible! Best looking Wii game and perhaps the best looking game overall this gen! Can't wait!!

This part is very nice looking too:

I really like the art direction. Very appealing and simply awesome.

To me it looks unfinished.  Not the art direction though which I think is gorgeous.  Just personally think it had to be rushed to be up for E3 2010.  But considering it isn't coming out til next year (probably late) this game has a lot of development time left and as always I expect that Zelda polish.  I was disappointed by it but for the most part by what I didn't get to see haha.  I want story details haha.

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I absolutely LOVE how it looks.

I didn't get to watch the demonstration of how it plays.

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Euphoria14 said:

I absolutely LOVE how it looks.

I didn't get to watch the demonstration of how it plays.

LOL Miyamoto's demo failed. Had interference issues and it didn't respond well. However, other videos are starting to come out from show room floor and the game has 6-10months of dev time left. It will be perfect.

first i wasn't convinced, but now i am loving the style :)

I love the art style! Can you imagine how wonderful those environments will look when the sun sets!? *drools*

I want to see some water footage. I remember I was completely blown away by Lake Hylia in TP so I really want to see how that kind of environment will turn out in this game.

Xxain said:

I am happy to see a game in this generation have vibrant color. arnt you guys tired of the boring overdone overused nity gritty dark colors?