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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo buys a (porting) studio from Embracer

Shiver Entertainment, who has done ports for games like Hogwarts Legacy, Mortal Kombat (11 and 1), and Scribblenaughts, is now owned by Nintendo. Makes me curious if they are setting up porting up in-house, or something else. If nothing else, certainly probably one of the better outcomes relating to Embracer, no?

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Maybe to help third parties port their AAA games to Switch 2. Less risk to publishers and more games on Switch 2. That would be smart.

This, along with the rumors of the Switch 2 specs, confirms that Nintendo is now more focused on third parties, which is excellent if you ask me. With this new subsidiary, there'll probably be ports in-house now, and considering these guys made some black magic with Hogwarts Legacy on Switch 1, you can imagine what they can achieve with the help of Nintendo's first-party studios for Switch 2—exciting times coming ahead.

This is a great move; their Switch ports of Mortal Kombat 11 and Hogwarts Legacy were considerable accomplishments.

Having their porting expertise under Nintendo's umbrella could help streamline bringing more PS/Xbox/PC games to the successor.

Another possibility is they could do support work for Nintendo's projects, similar to how Monolith Soft has helped work on everything from Splatoon to Zelda.

Xenoblade X port to Switch 2 please

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Zelda WW/TP ports please

I just want Eternal Darkness from GC, Madworld from Wii, Zelda WW/TP and Xenoblade Chronicles X from Wii U


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Tells me Nintendo is obviously interested in probably ensuring certain 3rd party franchises are on their system and being able to have a port studio will let them go to some of these bigger pubs and just make a deal directly.

Also interesting, maybe tells us more about what Nintendo will be like under Furukawa because I don't think he is much like Iwata at all. 

Could be to help third party. Maybe porting old games. Or perhaps focused on remakes of legacy games?  I doubt it is to port 1st party to PC, that doesn't seem like Nintendo's games.  

Either way, sounds cool. I am intrigued.  And I lean towards 3rd party support, given porting to the S2 was always going to be more than "reduce resolution & click magic DLSS button."


Could be leveraged to make Nintendo online more robust.  

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Embracer bought Shiver in December 2021. At the time the studio had almost 20 people*. Unsure if the studio is the same size today or had grown in the meantime. But it does sound like it's a smaller studio that can possibly work on porting perhaps 1 or 2 max games a time.

This was probably a very small investment by Nintendo, but curious to see if Nintendo will invest and grow it going forward.