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Loved the first 2 Deadpool movies. Cant wait for this one

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Last edited by BFR - on 27 April 2024

Eh I'm kind of over most super hero movies at this point. They have nothing original anymore and are desperately relying on old actors to get people interested again.

I'm getting tired of superhero movies and have not enjoyed most of Marvels movies and shows since Endgame. Having said that...I am excited for Deadpool & Wolverine. 

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The only soft spots I have for super hero movies are the ones we had at the end of the 2000's and Deadpool, funnily enough.

Problem is I don't how much of this movie will have the Disney print all over it, with the fact that previous movies were good in spite of not having the budgets or time to feature the stuff rabid fans would've wanted with star cameos.

Though taking it out of the MCU context, this good be a decent watch

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This could be the shot in the arm the MCU needs. DP looks good and I can't wait to get a proper look at Wolverine (beyond the set photos).

I'm optimistic this'll be great as an individual movie, but it doesn't exactly help in rebuilding MCU. More just a one-shot event.

You can never go wrong with DP.

KLXVER said:

Loved the first 2 Deadpool movies. Cant wait for this one

I don't care what all the cynics in the thread say, I can't wait for it either. ^^

BFR said:

Superhero movies suck. The sooner they die, the better.

They're not gonna die, accept it.