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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Are the console wars still going on?


Console Wars still going on?

Yes 31 48.44%
No 23 35.94%
Different answer(comment below!) 10 15.63%

Hello I just watched a really good movie called console wars on Paramount + and my question for you guys is do you still believe the console wars are going on?  Or are they a thing of the past? 


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Of course they are still going on.

Microsoft just spent $70 billion to shore up it's development teams... Nintendo has been printing money for years and the Playstation 5 is a runaway success.

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There's rampant speculation about what Xbox will do in the future. So we'll see for how long.

I don't really view Nintendo and PlayStation as being in a "console war" anymore.


According to Neptunia, yeah, kinda.

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No, because PC is clearly the best.


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I would have said no once, but then MS decided to be M$ and started buying publishers, which bought out the pettiness in a lot of places.

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Nintendo is doing their own thing and MS hasn't been able to compete with Sony in more than a decade, so no.






Console wars have been being going on for a long time. Same with mobile phones and whatever else. Whoever says they do not exist live in their own deluded bubble.

I think it’s more about all platforms now than just dedicated consoles, and not only those that include dedicated hardware (like Steam). I also think there’s more distinction as platforms diverge in their targeted niches. Nintendo has more or less given up on casual gaming (Animal Crossing aside) because it’s dominated by mobile. Sony was closer to Nintendo in the 90s and early 2000s, but the two companies have stopped copying each other as much and have gone in different directions - in fact, Steam is probably the closest thing to Nintendo these days because both have a focus on creativity in their games - the big difference is Nintendo accompanies that with its dedicated hardware features and interfaces while Steam mainly just uses a general PC interface. We also have the VR and AR sectors that will continue to grow - but there still has yet to be a major dominant and defining platform; in other words, it hasn’t had its iPhone, Gameboy, or Atari 2600/NES, (or Steam, if we want to include purely service based platforms) yet.

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