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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - How often do you use the Switch in tabletop mode for multiplayer?


How often do use play in tabletop mode?

Very often, my primary way to play the Switch 0 0%
I use it often 1 2.56%
Sometimes 5 12.82%
Very rarely ever used it 18 46.15%
Never played the Switch in tabletop mode yet 15 38.46%

How often do you guys use it? I see tabletop mode as an awesome feature with the switch but very rarely do I see people ever use it.

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Some years ago when it was much more of a novelty I used to take it to social gatherings to play things like 1-2-Switch and tabletop was extremely convenient. Never used it much aside from that but I'm glad the feature is there for when the situation calls for it.

Only used it a few times a few years ago. If I'm playing multiplayer there's almost always a TV around. But of course it's great if there's no TV around, just haven't been in that situation much.

Switch OLED is so much better for this, but I rarely use it with my Switch (V1).

Never once so far. I genuinely forgot it was even a thing on the Switch.

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I used to play in tabletop a lot, but then I changed my setting and now I don't need to.

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I don't think even once, but I voted very rarely. The kickstand is really bad, and I've never had the urge. I've played multiplayer almost exclusively on the TV, with a few handheld mode multiplayer session as well with fellow Switch players.

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Not even once

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