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Forums - Gaming Discussion - [RUMOR] Final Fantasy 16 battle to be Action RPG like Dragon Dogma or Devil Maycry 5 ?

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Most game insider said this will be The next Final Fantasy series possibly FF 16 

So if Final Fantasy 14 realm reborn director direct the new FF/IP and also has Devil My Cry and Dragon Dogma battle designer , I am hyped for this  FF 16 or new IP that will come in the near future.

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So for once Square can have actual good action combat.

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If this is true and the combat in FF16 will be more like Devil May Cry or Dragon's Dogma, I might actually enjoy the gameplay. I've never cared for the gameplay in the FF series. But I hope hardcore FF fans aren't put off if this is true.

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Doesn’t surprise me, square seems to have a strong dislike for rpgs these days... if I still cared about any of their games I would be upset, but they have released nothing but garbage for ages. They already lost me as a customer.

After FFVIIR, I can't wait to see what their next FF is gonna be like


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after the horrible FFXV I might even enjoy a FF game again if this is true.

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It'll be closer to Dragons Dogman, not DMC, if it's a mainline title and not a spin-off.

I will be happy to play it in 2027! In the meantime they are clearly releasing FFVII parts.

I mean FFXV was more or less action so this wouldn't be shocking but I also wouldn't read to much into this. For sure there will be action elements but we can see with VIIR that this doesn't make it an action game which abandons turn based or ATB style strategy.

Also I wouldn't call this a rumour, its more speculation. The important news is DMC's Battle director joins FFXVI