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Forums - Sales Discussion - Predict 2018 sales for Xb1, PS4, SW and 3DS

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How many units do you think each of these will sell in the coming year? 


I'll go with:


Ps4 20m+

Switch 20m+

Xbox One -10m

3ds -5m


Feel free to make accurate predictions then me. 

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PS4- 22m
NS- 13m

PS4 - 18m
Switch - 15m
XBO - 9m
3DS - 0.01m

PS4 ~19m (think it ll be down slightly from this year)
NSW ~18m (dont think it ll hit those 20m they want) (will need pokemon+price cut)
XB1 ~8m  (crackdown & sea of theives will do nothing for xb1)

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 30 December 2017

PS4 - 21m
NS - 19m
XOne - 9m
3DS - 3m

Edit: and 50 million for the Ataribox, of course.

Last edited by Flilix - on 30 December 2017

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Switch 18 million
PS4: 18 million
Xbox One: 8 million
3DS: 4.5 million

NSW - 21.50 million
PS4 - 18.00 million
XB1 - 6.00 million
3DS - 4.00 million

Last edited by Ryng - on 02 January 2018

PS4: 21m
NSW: 20m
XB1; 9m
3DS: 6m

Ps4- 21m
NS- 19m , 23m if Pokémon hits

Switch - 20m - 23m if either Pokemon or Animal Crossing drops -25m if they both do
PS4 - 18.5m
3DS - 5m
XBO - 7m