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21mil - Switch

21mil - Ps4

15mil - XBO

5mil - 3DS

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Matsku said:
21mil - Switch
21mil - Ps4
15mil - XBO
5mil - 3DS

The 15m XB0 number is by far the most unrealistic of those.... and 20m+ isnt a easy thing to do (even is PS4 manages it this year).

Seriously doubt XB1 does more than 7-8m next year.



I expect Ns to beat ps4 the next years yet I don't think it will catch it in total sales

PS4 21-22m (best PS4's year)
Switch 18-19m
XO 7-8m
3DS 3-4m

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PS4: 1B
Xbox: Less than PS4
Switch: Less than PS4
Everything else: Less than Xbox

Bet Shiken that COD would outsell Battlefield in 2018.

ps4 17 million (because ns will get some casuals)

xbox 12 million (halo 6 and xonex boosts)

ns 12 million (because of strong mainstream ps4 and lack of 3rds)

22m: PS4
17m: NS
8m XB1
4m: 3DS

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PS4 > SW > XB1 > 3DS

Does someone have the current sales for xb1, switch and ps4 this year? I'll just take those sales, but increase them all by 15% since they should be cheaper/ have better deals.