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I feel like PS4 is peaking 2017. So:

PS4: 17M
NS: 20M (barely managing it over the holidays)
X1: 7M
3DS: 5M

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ps4=22m(if they reduced the price to 199$ otherwise 19m)

xb1=10m(if next halo gears and forza release also price cut to 199$)

ns=21m(if price cut to 250$and pokemon otherwise 18m)




PS4 : 16 M
NS : 21 M
3DS: 6M

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PS4 - 21M (stronger exclusives and possible pricecut to $199)
NS - 20M (if Pokemon is released)
XO - 7M

PS4 18 million
Switch 17.5 million unless pokemon hits this holiday and bumps it up to 20 million.
Xone 7.5 million
3DS 4 million.

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PS4 : 18 million (Even with a 199$ price cut)
Switch : Over 20 million with the release of Animal Crossing or/+ Pokémon
Xbone : Less or more than 7 million, nothing worth much saying ...
3DS : 5 million.

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PS4: 18 Million
Switch: 14 Million
XBO: 9 Million
3DS: 4 Million

PS4 18M
NS 17M
XB1 8M
3DS 4M

PS4 - 17.5m
NS - 19m
XBO - 10m
3DS - 4.5m

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PS4 - 21m
NS - 19m
X1 - 8m
3DS - 4m
PSVR - 3m