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Trumpstyle said:

Ps4: 19 million

NSwitch: 18 million

Xbox one: 4 million


I prefer the ps4 console and dislike the NS so my prediction might be slightly bias. But ps4 should keep strong sales in 2018 as Red dead redemption 2 comes out and other very good first party titles.

NS will sell about 13-14 mil this year and this despite having 3 months no of console sales in 2017. So combine 3 months of no console sales and people owning the switch right now trying to get their friends to buy the Switch it will have a strong 2018.

I feel sorry for microsoft but just not much going for them and they only seems to be able to pick up a few sales during the nov-dec months.

I'm changing my prediction for Switch to 14 million. The sales of Switch might not be that impressive some people has hyped up. 3ds sold 11.3 million it's first year (2011, also had similiar launch month) and Switch seems to end up about 12 million for 2017. And 3ds sold about the same next year.

I expect Switch to have the same fate as 3ds. Which put it about 14 million for 2018.



Ps4 19 million

Nswitch 14 million

Xbox one 4 million

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19 Mio. Ps4
17 Mio Switch
5 Mio Xbox One

Switch  25m+

Ps4  10-12m

X1  3-4m

3ds  2.5-3m (unless it pulls a ps2 and sells several million units on smaller markets).

The 3ds and x1 are self explanatory, they will just continue to decline. The Switch has great momentum and stock will be much bigger for 2018, allowing huge sales. The Switch sales will eat into ps4 and make it's decline much bigger than it normally would. The effect started in the holiday quarter, when switch finally had more supply, to the point where ps4 was down in the holidays over 2016.

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PS4 - 18.8m
NSW - 16m
XB1 - 7m

20M ps4
21m switch
9m xbox

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PS4/NS- 20M+
X- 6M

3DS- 4M