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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Are we witnessing the end of an era for some Nintendo IP?

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Well, I've had this funny feeling for a while, that I've not been brave enough to make a thread about until now.

That feeling is that we may not see another Smash, or another Mario Kart, or another Super Mario Bros - at least not as we've known them up to now.

I don't know why it is - maybe its because MK8 suddenly became cross-IP with its DLC plus the Mercedes promotional, and that Smash 4 is now squeezing so many characters in, and even having fans vote for the next character - and then there's Mario Maker, basically turning the creation of SMB courses over to the players and giving them the reigns. Where do they - where can they go from there?

It sort of gave me the feeling that we might be witnessing something of a big finale, somehow, with these series.

Am I alone in thinking this, or has anyone else wondered the same thing?

Of course, I could be completely wrong and am underestimating their creativity for whatever they have planned for the NX - whatever shape or form that takes.

But supposing they were retiring or putting these series on hiatus. Is it a good thing? A bad thing? What do you think?

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I'm 100% positive that none of those franchises are going to end!

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its not gonna end, but IMHO some of these franchises peaked a while ago. at least creatively

IMO Mario Kart only having Mario Bros characters has always been a missed oportunity.

Why not use your IPs? Who really wants 8 different goombas? Seriously

AZWification said:

I'm 100% positive that none of those franchises are going to end!

Same. I think once Nintendo figures out a way to unify their systems under a similar architecture, then their productivity will hopefully increase, thus leading to a larger output of quality games. Just my thoughts, though. I really think they went through a (very very) rough patch with the U and its HD development. I am optimistic for el future


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Not really. Smash was always a crossover franchise, the fact they add more characters (even non-Nintendo ones) is not harmful. If Mario Kart gets some crossover with other Nintendo franchises, as long as it doesn't betray the gameplay or the cartoony style of it, there won't be trouble (and the Mercedes DLC was free and fun). People will always play the profesional-made games, even if Maker cuts their sales a bit, I'm sure that what they gain is more that wat they loose in that regard.

If you are refering to the lokes of F-Zero, Golden Sun, and other medium tier titles, they will appear when Nintendo figures out something to do with them. Fire Emblem was also a dying franchise and now it's pretty popular.

If anything, this is the age for NEW IPs from Nintendo. They breaking into the mobile market and need to appeal to new audiences will make them experiment more than ever (sometimes with Splatoon success, sometimes with S.T.E.A.M. failure).

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I doubt they'll abandon any of them, they're just too good at those genres and they're among the favorite games of their fans. Mario kart 8 was crazy fun, they'll probably make Super Smash Bros until Sakurai's eyes bleed and he flees to hide out in the jungles of Borneo, and Mario platformmers aren't going anywhere.

I'm fine with it Hinestly, as the mario platformmers really are superb, and we only get one installment if the other two per generation.

That makes zero sense.There is no reason to end smash just because it is using alot of characters.... the next will just have more, or different ones.I didnt even understand your reasoning behind MK, but after 8 games, i dont think they are stopping now, seeing that MK8 is probably the best yet.The only one that makes some sense is Super Mario Bros games, since Mario Maker has a much better potential in my opinion, but even then there will always be people who want to play professional levels, and having a world map like new super mario bros U had, etc etc.Plus in a new installment they may implement new gameplay features that makes it fresh again.
In other words, its Nintendo we are speaking of, and they always manage to keep their franchises relevant and fresh.Dont worry

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hahahaa no

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End of an era? Maybe. As you said, Smash may open up to a lot of third party IP, and Kart might open up to all 1st party IP. But will these series end? No, nor do I want them to.