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A thread shamelessly ripped off from TVTropes. Simply put, if you had the power to determine the when, the who, and the what of the next three Star Wars Movies, what would you do?

The bullet points of my ideas (they're quite long and would make for a wall-o-text OP. Still a kind of wall-o-text)

Ep 7: 25 years after RotJ (30 ABY)
-Military warlord seizes the helm of the Empire which has been dwindling slowly over the last quarter century
-He seeks the aid of a hidden Sith enclave, an offshoot of the rule of 2 that was hidden from Sidious, to use them as rallying points to revive the Empre
-Luke, now a venerable jedi master, helps an Odd Couple of padawans, a young human jedi male and a Cathar female. The male is idealistic and earnest about helping people; like Anakin but without the angsty past or possessiveness. The Cathar is more like Mace Windu; almost militantly detached from passion.
-The three Jedi take the Millennium Falcon on loan from Han and go to bring relief to a contested battleground world, where the adventure plays out. They meet a young smuggler/con-woman who tries to scam them out of the Falcon and ends up involved. At the end of the adventure they meet the apprentice of the two Sith the warlord recruited, an alien woman (original species, perhaps?). She seems to take an interest in the young man, but knowing she's outnumbered, leaves without a fight.
-The young man gets a vision, apparently spontaneously, of where the Empire's next big attack, aided by the Sith Master, is going to come and the Republic goes out to meet them. It turns out the vision was sent by the Sith Apprentice to lure her master and the Warlord into a trap. Luke fights the Sith Master (an older human male), kills him. The warlord is defeated and dies. Sith Apprentice declares the Galactic Empire as the Sith Empire, takes her place as Dark Lady. This is the last action Luke sees in the films for plot reasons (he's always somewhere else)

Ep 8: 5 years later (35 ABY)
-Tense peace as the Sith Empire re-arms. Sith Lady conscripts force-sensitives from her territory to rapidly build a haphazard Sith Order, conscripts aliens to be soldiers along with the old all-human Imperial military, as well as commissioning a new generation of battle droids.
-Tensions rage within the small Jedi order, with rumors that the Sith are already as numerous as they are (Luke was working cautiously in fear of mistakes). Conservatives (similar in philosophy to the Prequel Jedi) battle Liberals (who fit Luke's more compassionate and open-minded philosophy), both sides fearing that the other will fall to the Dark Side. This places severe strains on the friendship of the young Jedi man and the Cathar woman.
-As Luke struggles with the tensions, the two padawans, now mature and on the verge of Knighthood, go on an investigation into weapons smuggling out of the New Republic and into the Sith Empire. They go with the smuggler woman from the last film as their underworld contact of choice.
-On the way, tensions boil over between the man and the Cathar due to the man wanting to solve all the galaxy's problems. They part ways, the man going with the smuggler woman and the Cathar going with a human male Onderonian Beast Rider they meet on the way, another underworld figure
-The war with the Sith Empire begins in earnest, as the Conservatives sideline Luke and the leading Conservative Jedi helps the Republic (with some familiar faces from the Rebellion's military) fight a big battle against the Sith, dueling and killing one of the Acolytes.
-Meanwhile the two investigators find a weapon-making planet selling across the border. They meet and clash, this time violently, and the Sith Lady is waiting in the wings. She blows up everything, making the man think he killed the Cathar and badly wounding the man himself.
-The film ends with the male's fall to the Dark Side as he recovers under the Sith Lady's care, as she convinces him that the Dark Side serves his wishes, being the tool with which he can enforce justice throughout the galaxy.

Ep 9: 2 years later (37 ABY)
-The war is going badly with the man as the new Sith Apprentice. Starts with a desperate battle that the Republic barely wins.
-The Cathar female demonstrates that she has had a change of heart by leading a rescue effort after the smuggler woman and the Onderonian Beast Rider are captured as Jedi sympathizers, showing that she's no longer focused on the greater good and has learned compassion.
-The main battle that spans most of the film revolves around a New Republic plan to launch a strike deep into Imperial territory to ambush the Sith Apprentice, with Luke resigned that he'll likely have to kill him. The Sith Lady foresees this and lays a counter-ambus to try to kill the Jedi strike force.
-Resolves with a duel between the Cathar and the Apprentice, where she does not win (mostly loses), but convinces him to reconsider (not to turn back). The Sith Lady kills the lead conservative jedi but is badly wounded in the process. In her desperation to slay the remaining Jedi, she convinces the Apprentice to turn back


What would your ideas be?

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I WOULDN'T base it on the Thrawn Trilogy or any other expanded universe material. At all.

I'd go with whatever Lucas already had written down years and years ago.

DevilRising said:
I WOULDN'T base it on the Thrawn Trilogy or any other expanded universe material. At all.

I'd go with whatever Lucas already had written down years and years ago.

They aren't exactly that detailed...

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Well, I haven't given enough thought to go into detail, but I imagine the events would center on conflict resulting from the breaking up of the Republic/Empire.

After the rise of the Empire, I imagine quite a few planets would just as well give up on the idea of anything related to that, especially when the Republic was on the verge of collapse even before the Empire. After that, I imagine something of an external threat arising to manipulate and distract the remnants of the Republic. Possibly orchestrated by a "new" Sith resulting from newly discovered ancient records.

By this point, I see Leia as being in foreign relations, with Han captaining the Millenium Falcon still in the capacity of her personal transport...and moonlighting as a smuggler still. Luke, I see as war-weary, and also wary of the positions of power offered him following the rebellion, though dreaming of a revival of the Jedi Order.

As far as plot goes, let Leia and Han be attacked and go missing, and have Luke come out of obscurity to rescue them and discover a plot to start a war between the Republic and the rest of space in order to damage their credibility and further the destruction of the Republic.

...and that's all I have. Any more would probably take more work than I have energy for at this hour.

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The Thrawn Trilogy would have been a great template for episodes 7-9, but I would definitely change a few things around and expand on some things (it would barely make up 2 out of the 3 films IMO). Unfortunately, that's all been thrown out the window since it's taken so long for us to get a proper 7-9, so much so that now all the original cast members have taken up shop at Jedi Retirement Home.

I'll tell you what I would like to see with the new films (and hopefully the rumors are true)... far less reliance on CGI effects, and harkening back to the days of actual sets and models. If you're gonna spend upwards of $300 million on a film, then put those pennies to good use, dammit! I don't want to see Star Wars: Avatar when Episode VII hits theaters.

Actually, I take that back, as that's an insult to Avatar... at least Avatar used actual sets when not dealing exclusively with the Navi instead of shooting everything against a blue/green screen.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

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spurgeonryan said:
Anyone else want a Shadow of the Empire movie?

ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Loved the book... and as much as I enjoyed the N64 game, it did not do the book justice at all.

On 2/24/13, MB1025 said:
You know I was always wondering why no one ever used the dollar sign for $ony, but then I realized they have no money so it would be pointless.

-no clones
-no sith
-no death star
-no politics ( no need for them anymore)

Jedi vs Jedi (sith like)

more thriller ,mystery like movie without LOVE story.

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No jar jar binks
Anakin is a teenager not a kid. He also never raced pods before and was really shy
Obi Wan Ken-obi is the one who wants to take risk and see action while Qui gon is still trying to teach him patience and the benefits of the peaceful times they live in
Anakin stays behind before the final battle as bringing an untrained jedi to a serious battle seems fucking stupid.
The whole battle with the armies, the infiltration team and the jedi takes place in the same location. No need for the space battle and it just diverts attention.
Darth Maul kills Qui Gon and almost kills Obi Wan but is held off enough for the head of the trade federation to be taken hostage and reinforcements arrive driving him off. He escapes and comes back for the next film.

This is the Game of Thrones

Where you either win

or you DIE

Just off the top of my head

- I'd give Luke a son, but he's not a Jedi, he decided just to be "just a civilian" basically and Luke was OK with that. During the course of the story though he may be pushed into action.

- I'd include a character that dabbled with the Dark Side and fringe elements of the Force, but ultimately rejected it and is now a regular Jedi. Idris Elba would be my choice for this character, I think he'd be interesting. He's a "good guy" just with shades of grey. He's kind of an "out there" character as part of his back story was he was drifting/lost in space for decades. 

- Luke has strived to keep the details about Darth Vader (most notably that he was Luke's father ... someone who commited all sorts of war crimes) under wraps, but it leaks and Luke is forced to step down as head of the New Jedi Council.

- Han has a story arc with his daughter and Lando exploring the organized crime/underground world of Star Wars. They're working to get Luke out of trouble and find out what's really happening.

- There seems to be an "architect" type villainous force ... think The Joker in The Dark Knight Returns, without the crazy persona, someone cold and calculating and suddenly the galaxy is rocked by chaos and scandal.

- The New Jedi Order isn't as stiff or uptight as the old Jedi Order, per the way Luke has set it up.

Well, IF Lucasfilm/Disney hired me to do this, I would be rich and you guys would get another batch of crappy Star Wars movies. The truth is that I ain't getting paid. The other truth is that the new sequels will probably still suck.