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No jar jar binks
Anakin is a teenager not a kid. He also never raced pods before and was really shy
Obi Wan Ken-obi is the one who wants to take risk and see action while Qui gon is still trying to teach him patience and the benefits of the peaceful times they live in
Anakin stays behind before the final battle as bringing an untrained jedi to a serious battle seems fucking stupid.
The whole battle with the armies, the infiltration team and the jedi takes place in the same location. No need for the space battle and it just diverts attention.
Darth Maul kills Qui Gon and almost kills Obi Wan but is held off enough for the head of the trade federation to be taken hostage and reinforcements arrive driving him off. He escapes and comes back for the next film.

This is the Game of Thrones

Where you either win

or you DIE