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Well, I haven't given enough thought to go into detail, but I imagine the events would center on conflict resulting from the breaking up of the Republic/Empire.

After the rise of the Empire, I imagine quite a few planets would just as well give up on the idea of anything related to that, especially when the Republic was on the verge of collapse even before the Empire. After that, I imagine something of an external threat arising to manipulate and distract the remnants of the Republic. Possibly orchestrated by a "new" Sith resulting from newly discovered ancient records.

By this point, I see Leia as being in foreign relations, with Han captaining the Millenium Falcon still in the capacity of her personal transport...and moonlighting as a smuggler still. Luke, I see as war-weary, and also wary of the positions of power offered him following the rebellion, though dreaming of a revival of the Jedi Order.

As far as plot goes, let Leia and Han be attacked and go missing, and have Luke come out of obscurity to rescue them and discover a plot to start a war between the Republic and the rest of space in order to damage their credibility and further the destruction of the Republic.

...and that's all I have. Any more would probably take more work than I have energy for at this hour.

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