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Thread Update (24/09/2013): I’ve increased the first graph to be a top 50 instead of top 35, and adjusted any mistakes from the last graph (thanks to anyone who helped with that ^^).

Since a few people wanted to see a graph of “true” exclusives, I have also added a second top 30 graph for those. If you find any mistakes in the two new graphs please let me know and I’ll update them as soon as I have time :)

Once both the PS4 and XBO have been released I plan on doing a graph for next generation consoles, which I will update every few weeks. I’ll also do one comparing Move and Kinect (since they were excluded from the current graphs) as soon as I can.

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Interesting list! Tagged.

Resistance 2 was highest rated of all Resistance games? Damn, I thought it was the worst, and by a decent margin ;-/

As for the results, Sony exclusives on top? Not surprised at all.

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

So obvious

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Wii Wins!!!! (since it has the top 2

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So you're going with console exclusives basically? I ask because you include things like MLB The Show which is technically on just about all playstation devices even though the other versions don't fare as well critically.


Baseball box, Racer box, Super box.

Seriously. Top 35 is an odd choice. Anyhow looks like all 3 have a nice diverse range of quality exclusives.

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Well it does have one of the best but for me the PS3 and the Wii are pretty much tied.

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I don't want to sound like a fanboy, and PS3 would still win anyway, but should you really count the HD collections as exclusives?
Anyways nice job on this it seems that You put a lot of effort in it, thanks for the info it was interesting.

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Why 35?

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