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We're nearing the end of another generation and barring a few probable gems coming by now it should be clear to you which games this gen stood out the most for you personally.

What games on which Playstation do you cherish the most. What game gave you the most memorable experience, or, did you spend insane amounts of time on?


Most memorable: Xenogears, Lunar, FF7/8/9.

Whenever I hear a song from one of these I immediately travel back to those happy days...

Most time spent: Fifa 98/99.

Projected on a wall, drinking beers and having laughs with friends, priceless.


Most memorable: Xenosaga II, Shadow Hearts I/II, DQVIII, FFX.

Since Xenosaga 1 wasn't available in Europe I had to start with the movie that came with part II. In short, I loved it and enjoyed playing that story every single second of it. Shadow Hearts, amazing game, amazing setting and a fresh battle system at the time. DQVIII and FFX had the hypnotizing score that i came to enjoy so much on psx already. You know, shut off your brain and just enjoy the flow of the game and the music. 

Most time spent: Topspin 2

Battling friends till early morning...


Honorable mentions : Valkyria Chronicles, Nier, Eternal Sonata

I never got that much into games as i did during the earlier gens. I still don't know if it's me or the games...

Most time spent: Skyrim


So, what's your flavor?

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Suikoden 2

Valkyria Chronicles

2 of the best gaming experiences Ive ever had.

Suikoden 2 is the greatest game of all time.


Crash & Spyro


Most memorable game - Tekken 3. Tekken 1 was the reason we got a PS1; Tekken 3 represented the peak of the series for me, and is both my favorite PS1 game and one of my favorite games on ANY console.

Most time spent on a game - Honestly, I can't remember. We played a lot of fighters for a while, and I was really young back then. I couldn't tell you which one we spent the most time with.


Most memorable game/most time spent: Final Fantasy X.


Most memorable game - Both God of War games (tied). What Ready at Dawn was able to pull out of the PSP is still a marvel to this day.

Most time spent - The Dissidia games. I'm a sucker for fighters with RPG elements.


Most memorable game - Bioshock 1 and Arkham Asylum (tied). Even though I still haven't finished either of them. :p

Most time spent - Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2. I don't know why I love these Koei hack-and-slash games so much; I just do.

PS Vita

Most memorable game: Soul Sacrifice. Best game I've played on the system to date, despite it's flaws.

Most time spent: Dynasty Warriors Next. See above. :p

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i think final fantasy 8, i bought the game based on the opening cgi scene in biginning that i saw in a tv show here it was awsome , i never saw gameplay. When i bought the game i was blown away , those awsome summons , people says the summon taked too long to cast , i never got bored of watching them.

metal gear solid was a game that i was blown away by the story and the gameplay.those awsome bosses in the game.

and tekken 3, my first playstation game, i played only tekken 3 for one year xD



Crash Bandicoot

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Shadow of the Colossus. I loved the grand vistas and the gigantic bosses. The story was pretty good, too, especially considering how little dialogue there was throughout most of the game.

PS1: Final Fantasy VIII

PS2: God of War

PS3: Heavy Rain or Valkyria Chronicles