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Forums - Sales Discussion - May 2012 NPD - Diablo III:1m; X360:160k; PS3:124k; Wii:71k; 3DS:113.5k; PSV:~54k -

Thanks to zimbawawa for pointing out that today is NPD time.

VGC Data:

Platform April 2012May 2012
May 2011
X360 287,956 243,726 266,616
PS3 205,779 177,787 174,029
3DS 184,268 156,934 94,459
Wii 120,084 95,852 209,919
PSV 98,606 76,961 -
DS 70,542 55,748 186,740
PSP 20,546 17,388 59,570
Total 987,781824,396 991,333

NPD Data:

Platform April 2012May 2012
May 2011
X360 236,000 160,000 270,000
PS3 175,000 124,000 176,800
3DS ~125,000 113,500 97,000
Wii 91,000 71,000 236,000
PSV ~75,000 50,000-56,800 -
DS ~80,000 90,000-100,000 -
PSP ~15,000 >17,000 >59,400


Diablo 3 -1m
Max Payne 3 - 440k
Ghost Recon Future Soldier - 400k
Dragon's Dogma - 92k

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Tagging. Always interesting these NPD threads and quarterly reports.

Tagging, cheers for picking up the "task" Barozi

Oh yeah!!! Can't wait! :D

spurgeonryan said:
Who is this Zimbabawawa user?

Anyways, I am glad that Walmart is involved now. Should sales on average rise now? Walmart is kind of a big deal in the electronics world since it is everywhere.

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I cant watch those PSP numbers

Do you can look into the future? I think the first two columns are probably April 2012 and May 2011.

Edit: Should read better, it's VGC-data. I thought it's the older NPD for reference.

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I reckon VGC is high on almost everything for hardware. The US economy is slowing down, all the consoles are very old - the 3DS / Vita are tiny yet, and with a 40 / 35 / 21 split between Wii / X360 / PS3 in the US having one big game a month just isn't going to push big hardware numbers anymore.  There is a chance Microsoft's numbers will be up I suppose because NPD will have found a way to include that "$100 downpayment plus future $20 payments" thing into the numbers at Microsoft's stores (I've never seen one though?), but that proposition is still pretty expensive long term for a seven year old console.

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wasn't the wal mart data starting this month(June)?

D-Joe said:
wasn't the wal mart data starting this month(June)?

""Our enhanced retail coverage, including the addition of several new retailers, begins with May data released on Thursday, June 14," Riley told me in an email yesterday. While he couldn't supply a list of all of the retailers involved, he told me, "Yes, it does include Walmart.""

link in OP.