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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why Arkham City is a better role-playing game than Skyrim

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Do you agree with the writer of the article?

Yes, Arkham City does role-playing better 8 29.63%
No... joke article? 8 29.63%
Kind of...he does have a few points 5 18.52%
See Results 6 22.22%

Because it works on the PS3*


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If there's one thing that RockSteady deserves praise for, it's how they nailed the character of Batman in the video game world. Sure, it helps that Kevin Conroy gave his iconic voice to the Caped Crusader, but everything else, from Gotham City to Batman's own animations... those were on RockSteady, and they rose to the challenge.

*Minor Spoilers* There's this one part that sticks out in my mind as a true "Batman" moment. You're climbing up Wonder Tower to confront Dr. Hugo Strange, using all of your gadgets to climb the steel behemoth. And at one point, you use the elevator to continue your ascent. Once you reach the top floor and the elevator stops, you hear voices outside. Strange's TYGER squad is waiting to ambush you. Instantly I knew what Batman would do in that situation. I looked up, grappled up to the top of the elevator, and then used this new platform to drop down and sneak behind them. At that point the elevator door finally opened and the mindlessly started firing all their automatic weapons into the now empty elevator. That's when i struck. I was smiling ear to ear during that part because it was such a Batman moment. What an awesome game.

*End Spoilers*

Also, it looks like the Skyrim Pendulum is finally starting to swing the other way...

You can also be a kickass vigilante like Batman in Skyrim. Unless you take an arrow in the...

And yet it's still vastly inferior to Arkham Asylum.

these comparisions are always a one sided affair to try and prove a point. Someone could just as easily make a smear article about arkham city using the very same points this articles praised about that game.

Rocksteady despite such making such an extensive world, made it feel so linear by cutting off huge portions of the game until you unlock certain equipment which can only be gotten by progressing such and such amount through the campaign.

Batman's combat is rather bland by encouraging only one type of approach against each specific type of enemy. When I string together a 40 hit combo by mashing the square button and side side circle I hardly feel as though I accomplished something

Batman makes a lousy roleplaying game because you are given no choice but to go through the game as the dark knight beating all the same villians in the same order every time you play the game.

Batman's sidequests are outragously repetitive focusing mainly on either saving some random people you don't care about or solving a random puzzle that rarely requires much thinking.


I could probably make an article that very convincingly claims duke nukem is a much better game than bioshock and people who haven't played either game would probably believe it if that article is their sole source of information, but the truth is people might actually enjoy the apparant "faults" in a game and hate the apparant "good aspects" in a game. You really have to try both games before you can decide which one is better in your opinion.

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enrageorange said:

I could probably make an article that very convincingly claims duke nukem is a much better game than bioshock....

So? What's the problem here?

pezus said:
badgenome said:
And yet it's still vastly inferior to Arkham Asylum.

I can't tell if this is a joke or not. Arkham City was an improvement in almost every way over Arkham Asylum imo.

I'm totally serial. Arkham Asylum was a truly great Metroidvania, while Arkham City is just an alright sandbox game built on the faulty assumption that "more = better".

Finally! Someone who knows what role-playing actually means!

It's not a slight on Skyrim, which is a very good game, but 'role-playing' means that you truly feel like you inhabit a character. Arkham City made me feel like I was the freakin' Batman.

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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Carl2291 said:
Because it works on the PS3*


Definitely not.

RPGs aren't about playing a role. EVERY game is about playing a role. RPGs are about creating a role for yourself: creating a virtual character with a genuine personality and choosing how to proceed.

Batman is an outstanding game, but it's not even trying to give you that sort of experience. You are forced down a fairly narrow storyline, with a few side missions with few consequences. Skyrim could do with more customisation and choices, like every RPG, but as an RPG it is infinitely better than Arkham City.

Neither one is necessarily better than the other (it's personal preference) but it's just as ludicrous to say that Arkham City is a better RPG than Skyrim, as to say that Skyrim is a better action game than Arkham City.

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