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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Metal Gear Rising, Diablo III, C&C: Generals 2, Last of Us, Epic's new game and more trailers UP! - MGRising: Revengeance trailer added!

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*bookmarked for in the morning*

Thanks Pezus!

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I'm very disappointed today =[

omg omg ogm!!! lol tony hawk HD!!!!!!

Alan Wake still an XBLA title? Pretty naise, the story in 1 was pretty awesome, but the gameplay was kinda repetitive to no end.

Mass effect 3, y u so awesome? And were those thresher maw's from #2? :s and I don't understand why they're attacking the reapers, will be interesting.

Also before the title screen comes up and some shit is falling from the sky, those looked like worms too o_O, or reapers, I am tripping balls, it's late.

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.

Great job, you should put the link and embed the video too.

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Yeah Thresher Maws yeeeeeah

R6 Patriots, release 2013? Hating on the bankers? lolque!?

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.

I can't watch videos because I'm on my phone, so could someone (Hitman fan preferably) give their impressions of the Hitman trailer?

Tony Hawk HD! The Last Of Us!

*just load already*


oh and thanx Pezus :)

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Amagad C&C Generals 2, I was probably the only person in teh world who liked the first one, the fact that one of Bioware's sub studios is making this makes it awesome, also Frostbite 2? I see you just snuck that trailer in, it wasn't there about 10 minutes ago :p

Disconnect and self destruct, one bullet a time.